19 Reasons Being Short Is The Best And The Worst

Being short has its perks. It also has its drawbacks. Whether you're 5' nothing or tower above your short friends, read on to laugh at the ways being short affects us petite people!

1. You can weave in and out of a crowd.

Our chances of getting up near the front or weaving our way through are far better than tall people.

2. Relationships are great.

We get to be the little spoon. People are protective of us. And we're always seen in group photographs.

3. We're easy to pick up--literally.

Friends pick you up to hug you. Friends pick you up to reach things. Friends pick you up in awesome dance moves. We get a boost to reach anything you want.

4. We always have leg room.

This is life-changing on Spirit.

5. We can ignore "watch your head" signs with impunity.

We never bump our heads.

6. Every guy is taller than us.

For those who like tall guys, this really opens up your options.

7. No matter our mood, we're always cute.

We don't even have to try

8. Our reputation precedes us.

Though we be but little.

9. Revenge is easy: they never suspect you.

We go for the legs...

10. Great at hide and seek. 

When you can fit into a hobbit hole, you can fit into anywhere. The dryer? A cupboard? The world's your oyster.

11.  We always get carded.

But now it is time for the bad. Always being thought of as younger than you are might SEEM nice, and maybe someday I'll appreciate it—but let me tell you, I'm 29, and I do NOT appreciate 20 year old boys thinking they're the same age as me.

12. You can't reach anything by yourself. 

The floor at movie theaters, anything in the upper cupboards, anything.

13. You can't keep up.

If tall friends are setting the pace, you're working twice as hard.

14. Driving is dangerous.

The sun visor does nothing. And we sit so close to the steering wheel that if we get in a car crash we'll die

15. We look cute when we're angry.

Sometimes we don't WANT to be cute. Sometimes we want to be intimidating! And if we're not able to achieve that--it's infuriating.

16. Pants are impossible.

I've given up. I just wear dresses and leggings.

17. You almost drown every summer. 

Never go swimming without tall friends.

18. We hit our hips on coffee tables.

I literally almost constantly have bruises.

19. Head pats.

The worst above all are the head pats. Because people can see the top of your head, people somehow think they are entitled to touch it. Do not touch it. It will be the last thing you ever do.

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