Being lazy is one of my favorite core characteristics that I possess. I love to lay around in my pajamas all day long doing nothing but binge-watching television, eating my life away, and then explaining to everyone that I haven't moved from the same one spot for the span of a good 7 hours. Being lazy is so okay and there is no reason to feel shame in doing nothing.

You can still be lazy and productive at the same time though. For example, right now I am laying in bed, in my pj's that I haven't gotten out of all day long, and just finished catching up on the latest four 'The Morning Toast' podcasts that have been on for the better part of half my day, and I am still being productive writing this. (Also, please go check out the Morning Toast podcast with Claudia and Jackie Oshry, they crack me up and they will keep you informed about pop culture that you didn't even know was happening).

When I was in high school, my dad used to always say that I was a professional lazy person. I would come home from school and lay on the couch until dinner time, with a nap or two in between Friends episodes. That is still so true to this day, but balancing being lazy and being a successful college student is no easy task. I have to realize that sometimes I have to dig myself out of the black hole that is Twitter and Youtube, and actually start the paper that had been my original reason for opening my laptop.

This past semester, I had no classes on Wednesday and Friday and would find myself waking up with absolutely nothing on the day's agenda. I found those days to be the best representation of my laziness. Lounging by the pool with my roommates, going to the gym for an hour, and then curling back up in bed and watching hours of television, I was still a productive lazy person. I would bring my class notes to the pool, or make sure I did whatever discussion board post that was due before I climbed back into bed.

I feel no shame in the idea of changing back into your comfy clothes after only looking like a real human for less than an hour when you go to class. You can still be a productive person in your "sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on" look.

Another core element of being a professional lazy person is mastering the art of napping. I love to nap as if I am still a toddler going down for that 3 pm nap on the dot. I come home from class and find myself every single day passing out until almost dinner time. Napping is scientifically proven to be healthy for you. I actually have no proof, but I am 100% certain there is some out there. My favorite kinds of naps are the unexpected ones where you are watching something on your phone or reading a Facebook post and BOOM you're asleep.

In college, it is inevitable you are going to nap, so might as well take full advantage of it, because I'm sure my first 9-5 real person job doesn't have a designated 'nap block' time in the workday.

Mastering being lazy is a special task only few can call themselves a pro. If you have found the balance of being the laziest person while maintaining a 4.0 GPA, please give me a call. I love to call myself lazy, and if you don't agree with my lazy culture, you shouldn't knock it till you try it.