My article this week is about how we need to come together as a culture. I see so many people saying things like I like Marvel, oh well I like DC, well you're stupid. This kind of attitude is what is going on and it needs to be stopped by doing this we are pushing each other away not pulling each other closer. I feel that we have just lost sight of how we are similar and just focus on how we are different. This mentality of hatred and mudslinging needs to stop, the hard part is we have a president that bullies and downgrades people and countries every day. If we look at how our country is reflected upon by the world it is not good and that is what we are doing to each other on a smaller scale we are name calling and dividing ourselves from each other. If we start dividing ourselves from each other then we will live a lonely life filled with hate, if we actually start talking and informing each other we will be able to understand and live more harmoniously with one another. It is a struggle trying to talk with some people because they are so close minded but if we show compassion and understand we can hope that one day they will come around. That is why it is so important to teach our kids not to be afraid of our differences with one another and to love one another so that way they can have a more informed opinion and be open to what others have to share about themselves. Misconceptions start with stereotypes and not having all the information a certain situation or opinion, they end when we start talking to each and get the full story. So if we start doing that and stop seeing our neighbor as an enemy and start seeing them as a friend, we will live happier more fulfilled lives. All in all, we just have to remember to love our neighbor and also be the change we want to see in the world.