Being The Baby Sister Is Better

"There is never a more crazy bond than two sisters loving it up."

Sisters have the most complicated, tense, powerful bond. There is nothing like two sisters young hating each other and later one growing old and not going one day without communicating. However, being a baby sister is very beneficial and there is ten things a baby sister needs to be thankful to the big sister for.

1. Her mistakes have taught the baby lessons the easy way.

While the baby sister gets to sit and relax and watch big sissy get in trouble for making mistakes, baby sisters receive an advantage of not making those mistakes and learning from sissy's troubles in her life.

2. Big sister keeps you updated on the latest trends, and do's and don'ts.

Sometimes the clothes you think are cute, are not so cute anymore. And some things that you do, that you think is funny, isn't so funny to other people. So when she tells you to shut up, you're either getting on her last nerve or she's helping you out.

3. She keeps all of your secrets.

There is not many people that you can trust in this crazy world. Sometimes not even your best friend. But you and your sister know that each of you have things that nobody should know about. If she tells on you, you could embarrass her, and its fire with fire so you just try to keep it cool.

4. She can never go away.

Even if your big sister moves across the country, there will still be random phone calls and both of you are just jumping ready to tell one another what is going on in your lives.

5. She's your best-friend.

She will always love you, keep your secrets, laugh at you, piss you off, and eat the only food that is yours left when you're broke. She will always be your best friend.

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