If you have ever been an RA, these need no explanation. If you haven't, then you'll never understand.

Coming back refreshed after a break:

Trying to decide your leadership style for the new semester:

Figuring out how to handle a situation you haven't dealt with before:

When you have a quiet week in your hall/building:

Catching first-year students with alcohol like:

When you ask to see an ID but instead they slam the door in your face:

When your residents think they're getting away with throwing a party in their suite:

How you want to be getting residents to come to your hall meetings:

Picking rounds with your best buddy like:

Roommate's getting under each other's skin:

And then coming to you like...

When people actually show up to the program you spent weeks planning:

That one room that you have to knock every week to with a noise complaint:

That feeling when someone tells you you were their favorite RA:

Despite some of the late nights and stress, you love your job and you'll miss it after graduation: