Lately, I have been seeing so many heart-wrenching posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of people complaining about their flaws and, get this.... APOLOGIZING FOR THEM!! It honestly makes me so sad that some people feel as though they have to say, "I'm sorry for being imperfect." Let me tell you that being imperfect is a beautiful blessing. And I do believe that wholeheartedly.

Now let's get this straight- I haven't always felt this way. Confidence never was (and still isn't) exactly my forte.

I used to see other girls and think:

"Hh she's beautiful! I want to be like her!"

"She's got such a good personality! I want to be like her!"

"I wish I was thinner."

"I wish I was tanner."

"I wish I succeeded at everything."

"I wish I was everything he wanted."

"I wish I was perfect."


The comparison is the thief of joy and that's one thing I'm positively sure of.

God NEVER intended me to be any of those things, that I wanted so badly to be.

He intended for me to be ME.

I'll tell you something you've probably heard a million times, yet continue to never believe -

You are so loved.

You are so beautiful.

You are so funny.

and You are kind.

Most importantly, You are perfect in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.


You are all of these things despite being so "imperfect" in your own eyes. So I want to encourage you to be truly JOYFUL that our God made you unique in your own way. Be joyful that He put so much thought into all of your creation. Be joyful that He gave you a specific set of skills, and a heart to do good.

"You don't need to be beautiful like her, you can be beautiful like YOU!"

So be confident! Be bold! Go change the world!!