Honestly, Getting A Fish Was The Best Decision For Me

As midterms are approaching, I found that it was starting to get harder for me to get out of bed once again. As the school year drags on, the course loads are beginning to pile up all at once and being overwhelmed is basically a character trait at this point. Dreading going to class to see what assignment awaits I was lagging out of bed and barely making it to class on time, although my alarm is set for 2 hours before the class starts. When I went to Meijer one day, I did the one thing my mom told me I could not do at home. I got a fish. A beta named Crimson. Being a single fish mother is hard sometimes, having to get home from work at a timely manner to feed him before going to bed is what I have found to be the biggest struggle. Waking up to my new friend darting around his tank is refreshing, something to look forward to and gets me out of bed. I feed him in the morning and that is what I start my day with now. Being responsible for another living being is really rewarding and it makes everyday something to live for. If I didn't get out of bed, poor Crimson would starve and hate me forever. But since I get out of bed and do my motherly duties, it is much easier to start my day and makes me more productive. Also, since I have raging ADD, it is easier for me to have him on the corner of my desk because it is the perfect amount of movement to keep my brain multi-tasking without being distracted. This little fish named Crimson has stolen my heart, and honestly, I owe a lot to the little guy. Being able to be responsible for another being is what keeps me going from day to day.

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