There are many things and factors that make a person good. There aren't a lot of factors that make a good person, there's a difference. Becoming a good person takes time and it takes effort. The key to being a good person is all within the person. There are elements that help people to be good people, but it mainly results in the person, themselves.

1. Listen.

Being a good person comes from listening. There are many people who have experienced certain things that they can tell you. All you need to do is listen. By listening to someone you are increasing your ability to be wise. Listening to avoid mistakes that someone else has made is important because it can save you from repeating those mistakes. While you're listening, your mouth is shut. You are not trying to give your opinion or thoughts, you are listening. Wise people don't have much to say because they listen and internalize things.

2. Forgive.

Many people do not like to forgive. Forgiving someone for something bad they have done to you is difficult. It's easier to stay in that mindset to remain upset with someone because it is easier than forgiving them. Many people are stubborn and don't see the reward in forgiving someone, especially if it may be intentional. The reward for forgiving someone is that you are letting your soul become free. You are free from the hurt and pain.

You do not forgive someone because they ask you too, you forgive someone for you. You are taking the time to become a better person by relieving the negative thoughts and toxins from your mind and spirit. You are becoming a bigger and better person by challenging yourself to do the things that are difficult.

3. Be selfless.

Good people are selfless. Selflessness is important because you do not think everything revolves around you. You have that ability to put yourself last for others. It is not always a good thing to put yourself last, but showing you aren't a selfish person is important. Being there for people when they need you, having their back and caring for others are qualities that exemplify a good person.

I am a very selfless person and I hate that I am this way because people take advantage, but I cannot help it. I enjoy being selfless because I love to see people happy.

Good people aren't perfect and I hope I'm not making it seem like they are. Good people are honest, caring and kind. These are the people who have your back and care for you through it all. Good people always look at the positives. Good people are firm believers in positivity and trusting in others because everyone always trusts in good people.

You have to be honest with yourself. That's one of the biggest keys to being a good person. You have to be honest with yourself, that's the only way you will progress in your life and the only way you will be a good person. Consequences will follow whether they are good or bad when you're honest, but that's what makes you a good person.