Behind The Screens: Breaking Away From Tech Dependency
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Behind The Screens: Breaking Away From Tech Dependency

We need to stop living from behind our LCD screens.

Behind The Screens: Breaking Away From Tech Dependency
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I consider myself a concert junkie. I love going to shows and experiencing music live. Over the past few years I have noticed a huge increase in how I see the performers in front of me. I find myself struggling to see the stage through the sea of cell phones in the air trying to get the perfect shot. When did we begin to view these moments solely through the bright LCD of our mobile devices? How are we going to begin to see life again with our own eyes?

I'm probably the least qualified to step on a soap box about technology usage. I run my business via my mobile devices. You will not find me where I do not have at least one device on my person. Although I am strongly attached to my iPhone and tablet, I still believe there are certain situations that should be tech-free.

Concerts are probably the biggest offender. I have no issue with snapping a photo or filming a video or two. My issues with mobile devices at events stem from those who feel the need to document the entire event via Snapchat or Instagram. I have even seen an attendee FaceTime a friend who couldn't make it. If I have paid for my spot in that venue, I expect to see the performer without having to strain to see past the hundreds of phones in the air. I've seen people in their seats scrolling through Facebook, totally distracted by the media world and missing the show directly in front of them.

Becoming dependent on these devices is easy to do and can happen before you even notice it. Taking a tech break is always beneficial no matter what level of dependency you are. Whether it be a weekend long break or just a few hours to turn off those devices and live without a need to check the screen of your phone every two minutes. On the technology breaks I have taken a part of, I always return feeling refreshed just to take some time away. Nine out of ten times, there are no emergency missed calls or text messages waiting when I return. The social media world will survive a night without constant updates. Take a break. Instagram will be there in the morning.

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