If, like me, you're always looking for ways to better yourself and become an improved version of you, then the idea of a new year and fresh beginnings should be very appealing. Towards the start of January many people make "Resolutions" they intend to keep, but slowly these promises fade out and we return to our old ways. These empty promises aren't kept because they haven't became a habit yet. Of course, you can choose to change your habits at any point during the year, but with the new year comes a new opportunity forcing you to improve. So as we approach 2017, reflect on the past year. Think of what you did right, and what you learned from being wrong. Remember the good, and the wisdom you gained from the bad. Feel the love you shared, and discard the hate you experienced. Decide now what you want to bring with you in 2017, because the future is here, and I will embrace it with open arms and an optimistic spirit. These new resolutions you promise yourself are attainable with the correct mindset and the right amount of determination. Steer your mind in the direction you want your life to go this year, and watch for the final destination. Never give up on yourself or your desires; because you can accomplish any idea that comes to your imaginative brain. Dream big for 2017, because greatness begins with thoughts and the desire to pursue them. From your current state, you have three options. First, you can remain stagnant and unmoving from your present position. Second, you can retrogress into darker stages. Or third, you can change your life for the better and begin to reach your full potential. There is always room for improvement, and with an attitude full of optimism and hope, you can be the person you want to become. Never forget your memories of the past, but live in the moments present, and look to the future for continual growth. In 2017 your happiness depends on one thing...you. Make up your mind; what you want and what you don't. Find the delicate line between doing what you please while still showing mature responsibility in your actions. This year come out of your comfort zone and show the world that you aren't a "new person," but simply an upgraded version of who you've always been. Search for improvement until it becomes second nature, and never settle for mediocrity. You are destined for greatness if you only believe it.