Beginner’s Guide To Running Clothes & Gear
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Beginner’s Guide To Running Clothes & Gear

six Guides To Running Clothes & Gear

Beginner’s Guide To Running Clothes & Gear

A pair of shoes, some sweats or gym shorts, and a comfortable shirt or a basic black tank top. For some, this is their full running gear and apparel. In reality, that isn’t enough. Running may seem just like a basic physical activity, but it also calls for specialized gear and clothes like mens running shorts or mens compression shirt to make sure that you are able to run longer, safer, and just get the most out of your run, whether indoors or outdoors.

If you really want to start investing and getting the most out of your runs, you would want to have the basics all checked out and the best gear ready and available.

So, to start with your fitness journey as a runner, make sure to pack up those old worn out sneakers and that loose shirt you’ve been wearing in the gym for ages, it’s time to check out what you need to jump start or amp up your running career.

1- Running Shoes

Sneakers or rubber shoes aren’t enough if you want to get the most miles out of your legs and feet. You might think that all rubber shoes are the same, but they aren’t. Running shoes are designed differently than your regular pair of sneakers. And it usually has more cushioning, and extensive arch support to keep your feet from burning, and your legs from giving up as you rack up your miles.

But not all running shoes are made the same either, there are a plethora of brands with their own technology used to make their running shoes better than the others, so choose what best works for you. You might want more cushioning than others or more support for your ankles, either way, be sure to test the shoes out before you commit to a pair.

2- Running socks

No, this isn’t some marketing ploy that big sports brands use to milk more money out of you. Running socks are also made differently than your usual white crew socks. They are made with the purpose of reducing friction between your feet and your shoes, and to just overall make your feet comfortable so you can run longer. In order to achieve this, running socks are usually seamless and are low cut to avoid any loose thread and to keep your feet cool.

For sure, you won’t be looking at the sock section normally anymore! Make sure to pick up a pair that will complement your shoes and your running style.

3- Running tops

Most people when running or working out prefer comfort over functionality, which isn’t necessarily wrong but if you really want to be able to run freely and without worries, you would want to invest in tops that are made for running.

The best tops for running are made out of dry-fit so that your sweat doesn’t seep into your clothes and turn to extra weight on you while you run. In terms of fit, it would be best to pick a top that isn’t too loose like any top out of your closet or too tight like a mens compression shirt. You wouldn’t want your top flapping around getting caught on a branch if you’re outside, or getting caught on the treadmill. It has to strike the right balance of being loose and comfortable but fit and functional.

Also! If you are running outdoors, it would be best to invest in a top that has reflectors, especially if you’re running at night or in a dimly lit area, this will keep you visible and safe from a possible road accident.

4- Men’s Leggings

The use of leggings while working out dates back to the days of early gymnasts. Tights for men or leotards were used to again minimize friction and avoid a possible accident caused by loose clothing.

Today, men’s workout leggings or men’s athletic leggings are lightyears ahead of the first tights for men that were used in the olden days. Men’s workout leggings or the men’s athletic leggings being widely used these days are engineered to stretch without losing elasticity and at the same time give you extra support by promoting blood flow in your legs.

Aside from increasing blood flow, men’s leggings are also great if you’re running outdoors in a colder climate. Besides, men's leggings aren’t just functional in the sense that it can help keep you warm when you’re running in a chilly weather, but meggings are also fashionable enough with or without running shorts on top! In fact, meggings have started to take over and have become a staple fashion piece for the modern man.

5- Running Shorts

In terms of running apparel, men’s running shorts may be just the only piece of running apparel that really stands out from most sports apparel. Running shorts are shorter than your casual pair of shorts or even your gym shorts, they are also loose around the leg to allow greater movement. Just like running socks, running shorts are designed to reduce friction and keep your legs cool.

Apart from the typical men’s running shorts, men’s spandex shorts are also a great alternative. Men’s spandex shorts wrap nicely around your legs and work as a second skin thereby, reducing friction and keeping your legs safe from getting caught on anything.

6- Compression Underwear for Men

Running isn’t really the best time to go freeballing. Aside from potentially injuring your jewels, the right underwear for running can also help to increase your stamina and make you feel more comfortable while you run.

Compression underwear for men helps in preventing any male-specific injuries that can be caused by wearing underwear that is too loose or none at all. This goes the same way for the ladies, a good sports bra would keep your chest all nicely kept up and not flying around while you’re running. Lastly, compression underwear also helps with promoting blood flow in your legs and thighs to help you run longer and faster.

Overall, when purchasing your running gear and apparel you must always think of balancing function and comfort. You wouldn’t want to be too hot wearing a top that is too thick or wear something that doesn’t support your legs well. At the end of the day, and in every race, it all boils down to finding that right balance between comfort and function for whatever activity you are doing. With any pair of running shoes, socks, men’s leggings or meggings, or running shorts you wear you should always be able to move freely and confidently. After all, that is exactly what your running gear is for!

So go ahead and run to your nearest sports store or check your options online and get your hands on the best gear and apparel to make your run easier, more convenient, and all the more comfortable. Happy running!

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