Learn Someones Story Before You Form Your Opinion

We live in a society that loves to bring other people down in order to bring themselves up. People today love to talk about things that they don't understand. People love to judge others without knowing their story so let me tell you a few.

That famous actor and comedian that you scoffed at because he almost lost his career because of drugs and alcohol lost his grandfather at the age of 12. His father got killed in a home invasion. His little sister was kidnapped, raped, and murdered. His stepbrothers died while scuba diving.

That professional athlete that you said "threw his career away" and called "a waste of talent" was suffering from mental illness that you knew nothing about.

That kid sitting next to you that just failed that "easy A" class just lost his father.

That kid that just ran out of the room while giving a presentation suffers from severe anxiety and depression. Just getting up in front of the class was a step in the right direction but you couldn't see that and instead you judged.

That server that couldn't fake a smile and kept making mistakes found out before her shift that she was sick and needed surgery.

That person that was rude to you at the grocery store had just found out that they lost their job. They are a single parent and have kids at home.

That person that just cut you off on the highway just found out their loved one is in the hospital.

Just because someone seems fine on the outside doesn't mean they aren't fighting demons that you know nothing about. People cope in different ways. People don't always make the "right" decisions in your mind, but it's not your decision to make for them.

So the next time you want to judge someone, learn their story first. Odds are you couldn't even walk a mile in their shoes or spend an hour in their head.

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