It often seems like the minute we turn 18, everything just catches up to us and surprises us. Now, here we are, begging to be anything less than eighteen. Below is a list of things I wish I would have learned before I turned eighteen and headed off to college to have a taste of independence.

1. How to apply to college and which ones are harder to get into than others

2. What kind of car is best for your first

3. How to build your credit

4. That getting new tires on your car can cost up to $400

5. How to check your oil

6. How expensive car insurance is

7. How expensive rent is

8. A paycheck can be gone in the matter of an hour just by paying bills

9. How to tell if a car is good by the mileage

10. Interest on a credit card

11. How to save

12. How expensive college books are

13. You aren't week for being a victim

14. When you have extra money, be smart with it because you could need it in the future

15. Self-love is the best kind of love

16. It's okay to be alone sometimes

17. Your family will always be there for you

18. It's okay to take a day away from your work

19. Your past does not define you , it only makes you stronger

20. You cannot do anything by yourself