Summer break is here, and most college students are living at home. However, living at home can make you feel like you are stuck in the past.

The easy solution to this away from school depression is to declutter your old bedroom. Get rid of old, broken items from the past and make your bedroom an organized, new, clean space. Use the list below as an ultimate guide as to what you should get rid of.

1. Clean out your closet and donate the clothes that you never wear.


2. Throw out all of your old bedding and get fresh new pillows/sheets. 

3. Get rid of all of your old or unused hangers. 

4. Get rid of worn out old school bags. 

5. Tear down old posters/decor from your walls. 


6. Get rid of the lanyards you have collected while at school. 

7. Go through all of the free college t-shirts that you received and only keep the ones that fit.


8. Throw away/sell/donate your old school books from high school. 

9. Try to sell your college textbooks from last semester. 

10. Go through your notebooks/folders/binders from this past school year and only keep the important papers/documents.


11. Throw out pens/pencils that do not write properly. 

12. Delete old/useless documents off of your computer.


13. Organize all necessary information/downloads into labeled folders. 

14. Delete old emails! 

15. Delete the music that you do not listen to.


16. Throw out old socks with holes in them.


17. Donate old books that you have already read or will not read.

18. Recycle old magazines.


19. Throw out expired makeup. 

20. Get rid of old cell phones.


21. Sell old/broken jewelry. 

22. Throw out broken bobby pins and stretched out hair ties. 

23. Recycle those old Christmas cards, birthday cards, etc. that have no sentimental value.


24. Donate/throw out old wallets/purses. 

25. Donate/throw out worn bathing suits.