Whether you’re looking for that extra rent money or just some extra cash to stunt on your friends, we’ve all considered being someone’s sugar baby at one point or another.

1. Sugar Terminology

There are so, so, so many acronyms. Perhaps to unite those within the community or cover those who don’t wish to be recognized. Being a part of the sugar bowl means you need to learn a language very specific to the community. I love the term sugaring. Sugaring. Sweet, sweet cash. I could say it a million times and never get tired of it. There's POTS (Potential Sugar Daddies), SDs (Sugar Daddies), and SBs (Sugar Babies). Freestylers are the gods of the sugar bowl; they pick up their daddies in person. Splenda Daddies are alright; they just can’t offer the same amount of sugar that SDs do. But what you never want to reach into the sugar bowl and get a Salt Daddy (a POT that won’t pay). Ugh.

2. You aren't really sugaring unless...

You aren't really sugaring unless you're willing to risk your morals. You're not really an SB if you don't play by the rules. You’re not a great SB until you play by your SDs rules and nothing else. I suggest don’t start sugaring unless you are strong in your conviction; if you really don’t want to have sex with your SD in that sketchy alley just because that fulfills their fantasy, then say no! Most likely you’ll get your sugar anyway.


Ever been on Omegle on a Friday night in high school with your friends and in a group of white guys with polo shirts, one of them out of the blue throws the N-word at you? Expect something similar when sugaring. Except sugaring is much worse because you have to face the racists in person. And these are grown men.

4. Get ready to be plastered over every dating site imaginable.

Tinder, FetLife, SA (Seeking Arrangement), OkCupid (or what I like to call OkStupid). You’ve got to put your mug and your assets EVERYWHERE to even be considered by one of these daddies. SDs rarely leave the house anymore, it seems like the golden era of technology has even made sugaring more discreet, even if that discreteness goes out the window once you and a man twice your age step into a bar late at night.

5. It's actually sex work. Like actually.

Here comes the moment when I realize I don't have the balls enough to be a sex worker and promptly delete tinder, Fetlife, OkStupid and every other outlet I thought would lead to millions of sugary dollars. Or at the very least thousands.