Finding Your Niche Is Probably The Most Important Thing In Your College Career
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Finding Your Niche Is Probably The Most Important Thing In Your College Career

Joining clubs, fraternities/sororities, and other organizations tends to be the most important part of college, here's why.


Being an active member of your college or university could be one of the most important things you do as a college student. Where if it is from joining as many clubs and organizations as possible as to getting to know and befriending as many people on campus as possible. Some would say that the greatest joy in life was going to college and doing the most they could while they were there for those special four years.

One might ask, "Well why is it so important to become as involved as you can on campus rather than just going to class and getting all your homework done and then go party on the weekend?" The truth is that there is a lot more to college than that. Starting a club yourself or becoming involved in leadership positions at one's school can be one of the most rewarding things one can do during there four years.

Being in a leadership position is very important not only because it is another activity that you can add to your resume but because it teaches one how to become a leader and find value in others. Here is why getting involved on campus by any means necessary will benefit one as a student in college.

The first is that joining a group makes you feel a part of something greater than yourself. If you join a sports club or even decide to go into intramurals you can still find a rewarding path where you might meet many fantastic people and friends. Joining a fraternity or sorority could also be very rewarding if you find a niche in a Greek life organization that best fits your wants as a student and young adult making their way in the world.

A group of guys or gals that you can truly count on and trust can make the difference between loving college and wanted to go back for every anniversary and not liking college much at all and rarely ever going back after graduation. Phi Sigma Sigma, Pi Lamda Phi, Phi Alpha Epsilon, and many other Greek names are what all fraternities and sorority names are based on. It is good to learn how to contribute to community service causes and it helps one learn how to become more focused and disciplined in certain aspects of a school.

I would say the most important thing one can do is finding their niche within a group socially so you can feel welcomed an secure in your new school environment.

The next biggest thing is being part of your campus as a student independently. One should become acquainted with their faculty and staff on campus. Get to know all the professors in your field of study so you have a basis of who they are and how they teach before you have them in class. It is also good to know who your adviser is and where and when to find them on campus if you need them or are ever in an emergency.

Know your surroundings and the entire school campus so that there is no confusion when trying to find a class or where you are on campus. Join a club or organization that bests fits your interests as a student. If you are studying computer science you might want to join a computer gaming club or a science and technology club that is somewhat similar to your major but much more fun. Try to get involved with as many things as possible if your schedule allows it. If you have to miss a few meetings than you have to miss a few but try to stay on top of things as much as humanly possible. Be persistent and know what is best for you individually when you do extracurricular activities at your college or university.

The third and final thing that will make your college experience so special is being in a leadership position in a club or organization on campus. Leadership level positions can really teach one how to be a more kind and understanding person when dealing with tough or frustrating situations.

As a leader one learns how to deal with problems that arise in a club, effectively communicate with others so that they understand, and can be authoritative and responsible all at the same time. One needs to understand that being a good leader does not just mean being one of these three things but all of these three things. I personally am the treasurer for the UNICEF International Organization here at Radford University.

For me, it was a hard time adjusting to accommodating to others when dealing with situations and problems that came up because I was used to having problems being solved for me. One has to know when to stand up for themselves as a leader but also how to work and compromise with others in timely matters that need to be decided upon. People who depend on you and trust you need your leadership for guidance in a club or organization on campus.

Without leadership you have nothing. Tuning your leadership skills is critical in the job market because if you learn how to become a leader and are effective at communicating it you will become so much more equitable and likable as a job applicant. Employers will want to hire you right away if you are confident, enthusiastic, respectful and trustworthy and all these skills come directly from leadership positions in college.

In conclusion, this is why one should try to find a group or organization that they can feel at home at on campus at one's college/university. It is probably the most important thing you can do during your college years. Find something that fits you and takes it to the next level. Stay focused on it and become a leader whether if its president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, or other types of leader.

Make sure you become as involved on possible and that you stay involved with events and tasks at hand. If one does this then I would say you have gotten the full experience out of college plus you have learned and grown as a human being and will hopefully find a good job that you'll enjoy. It might be the single most important thing that you decide to do with your life. It puts you on a path and that path will help lead you towards life successes.

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