7 Tips To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

7 Tips To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Be extraordinary and be unique. There is only one person like you, so shine bright.

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There are many versions of yourself that you will find throughout your life. However, there is only one best version of yourself -- only one version where you reach the highest point you can be at. Here are a few tips to help you be that version:

1. Love hard.

I know this sounds cliche but try it. Love others even when you don't get the same amount of love back. It is going to hurt sometimes -- nobody promised it wouldn't -- but when you love others first, you will find a sense of peace in it. Pain may be the price of love, and that's what makes it beautiful and totally worth it.

2. Push your limits.

Push yourself to your maximum -- not to the point where you're filled with anxiety, but where you are doing all you can. There are boundaries that I feel we hold onto because we fear what the other side has to offer. However, we can never fulfill all we want to while staying within our comfort zone. So, as you push your way through the boundaries you've put up, remember the ending will be worth it. Keep pushing.

3. Dream big dreams.

Dream [dreams] bigger than others can see happening. Sometimes, you will be dreaming a dream nobody can see but you. Things won't go your way all the time, but they will go the way they're suppose to. You will have setbacks and hard times, but with those come new adventures. You get to experience the beautiful things that come with your dream.

4. Be yourself.

Don't walk around trying to be someone your not. Be you. Be exactly who you were created to be -- not a fake. Be extraordinary and be unique. There is only one person like you, so shine bright. Shine so that others see the beautiful person you are.

5. Live with purpose.

Your purpose was born the second you were. The reason you are on this earth is to fulfill that given purpose. How do you find it? Find your focus. Do what you love the most and fall in love with it more. Reach people with the passion you have for that one thing.

6. Seize the moment.

Every moment you have been given is a gift. Absorb every moment you have in your day and make the most of them. When there are times that you are surrounded by people and family, put your phone down and just be there. Be present. Make what you want your priority, but in my opinion, people should be one.

7. Be bold.

In all that you do, be bold. I know that sometimes the thought of that is nerve-racking but there is freedom that comes from being bold, because boldness produces determination.

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