5 Beauty Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making

5 Beauty Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making

Sometimes it's the simplest things.


Makeup tutorials and skincare routines can be hard things to master. We get so caught up in the latest trends that we forget how to correctly beautify ourselves. Not properly taking care of ourselves, like our skin, can lead to excessive breakouts and overall poor health.

In addition to that, not doing it the right way can cause even more problems than we realized. That's why ensuring we make no mistakes when it comes to our beauty routines is vital. With that said, here's a brief list a few beauty mistakes you're probably making that you didn't know.

Read on to find out what they are!

Over-plucking Your Eyebrows

Whether you like your eyebrows thick or thin, tweezing them is a must to keep them looking good. But too much plucking can cause the hair not to grow back.

Not to mention it can turn into a life-changing disorder if you get impulses to excessively pluck.

If you've noticed your eyebrows are getting out of hand, tweezers are a great tool but they're not for everyone. It's no lie that it hurts to pluck your brows. After all, you're literally ripping the hair out of your face. Gross, right?

If the sight of tweezers makes your stomach turn, consider this alternative: a razor.

Razors can get the job done without pulling out your eyebrow hair. Not to mention there's less pain involved. However, if you do decide to opt for a razor, be warned that your brows will need to be maintained more often than with tweezing.

You'll want to make sure you work with sharp blades. Just like a chef in a kitchen, dull blades can cause more harm than good. Sharpen blades ensure you get a clean cut each time without making yourself bleed. For great quality blades, you can view them here.

Your Flat Iron Is on a Low Setting

You may think keeping your trusty flat iron on a low setting is saving you years of damage. But in reality, it's doing the opposite. That low heat means you're probably straightening the same area multiple times.

Keeping your attention on one chunk of hair can not only cause it to frizz but damage as well. That's why if you end up with a what looks like a poofy blowout, it's because of what temperature your flat iron is on.

Now, I'm not saying you need to dial that iron up to the highest setting. Instead, use a heat protectant and crank that flat iron up to a more appropriate level. Prepping your hair before ironing will protect it better than using it on a low temperature.

Does cranking the heat up scare you? Next time you get your hair cut, ask your stylist which temperature (or setting) they recommend for straightening your hair. They'll be able to tell you which one is right for your specific length, style, and texture.

Over-treating Blemishes

We all know how tedious it can be to try and get rid of a pimple. Out of pure frustration and annoyance, we slap on every product we have that treats breakouts. Instead of solving the problem, it creates a new one: dry skin.

Over-medicating pimples will lead to dry skin and possibly more blemishes. One routine that doesn't only go easy on the number of products but the steps as well is to apply an acne cleanser once in the morning then again at night.

Simplifying your routine will ensure you're taking care of those problem pimples the right way. And as for popping goes, it'll always be a no-no. Think of everything you've touched throughout the day and then putting all those germs and bacteria to an area that was already affected.

If you feel the need to extract a blackhead or a stubborn zit, wash your face with the cleanser instead. Then be sure to moisturize every time you do so you don't dry out your skin. Dry skin, in this case, equals more pimples.

Forgetting Your Neck

While our faces and hands show age, there's another place that gives away just how old you are: your neck. When moisturizing, treat that area as well. Keeping it hydrated is the key to turning back the clock and maintaining a youthful appearance.

When applying your makeup, make sure you bring it down to your neck and decolletage. This includes your foundation, concealer, and highlighter.

Sure, it may eat up some extra time in the morning but it's well worth it. Your skin tone will look more even and balanced, all the way down to your neck and chest.

Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes

It's understandable: we all get lazy or we're too busy to think about cleaning our makeup brushes. But our glittery mermaid brushes have a dark side when they're not cleaned. They can be host to bacteria and a myriad of germs.

Left uncleaned, it can cause breakouts and not to mention an uneven complexion thanks to the caked-on makeup on the bristles. All that makeup left on the brushes will leave behind clumps on your skin making not only your makeup look bad but your skin as well.

It'll be harder to apply your makeup which can lead to using an excessive amount. That's product wasted thanks to those gunked-up brushes.

Nowadays, there is technology that you can purchase (for a price, of course) that'll clean your brushes automatically. Not to mention most companies that are in the beauty industry have their own brand of brush cleaners. However, using soap and water will do the trick.

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An Open Letter To The Men Who Love Women



I'm going to cut right to the chase and just get a few facts out of the way.

1. Sexual assault is an issue. It exists, 100%.

2. Sexual assault is far too common and happening far too often.

3. Women are being told how to prepare and defend themselves from sexual assault, and men aren't being taught how to avoid doing it.

Do you not understand that the number of women who are speaking out about sexual assault is nothing compared the total number of women in the world who have been sexually assaulted?

Being accused of sexual assault is a horrible thing, but being a victim of it is a lot worse.

As women, we prepare to defend ourselves and watch our backs to keep from ending up in a situation where we are taken advantage of. It is time to stop saying "boys will be boys" and teach our men about consent and respect for women. Men need to be taught how to ask for consent and how to directly discuss their sexual intentions with a female without making them feel pressured or insulted.

How on earth could you say a woman was not sexually assaulted if a man never asked for consent or both people involved were not in the right state of mind to consent? This goes for any man or woman in any situation. Whether the woman in question is a stranger, a life-long friend, or an old flame you, need to ask for consent every single time. Prior sexual experiences with another person or a close relationship with a person does not disqualify them from needing to consent.

You need direct consent from anyone you intend on touching.

The men you hear of being accused of sexual assault and their reactions tend to be similar: confused, angry, embarrassed, and defensive.

I understand that many men who have been accused feel as if they didn't sexually assault anyone and felt as if the sexual experience was something both parties agreed on. If men would take more time to consider their situation at hand, they wouldn't have to justify or defend it later. Know exactly how a woman feels before you touch her. Know exactly what a woman expects before you touch her. Know exactly what an unforced, relaxed "yes" to consent sounds like.

You may not have meant to cause a woman harm, but you did because you neglected to fully understand a woman's worth and show her respect before becoming intimate. Mistakes happen, but you cannot stop something that you didn't even attempt to prevent.

When it comes to defending yourself or another man against sexual assault accusations or charges, think of a woman that you love. You have at least one woman in your life who you love whether it be you baby sister, your mother, your daughter, your cousin, the waitress who always remembers your order and so on.

How would you feel if a woman you love was sexually assaulted and wanted to come out about her experience to help other women from having to experience such a traumatizing experience or to take back the dignity that was physically stripped from her body?

You would want that woman to come to you. You would want to defend her and protect her. You would want to do everything in your power to ease her pain.

Respect your women, love your women, and believe your women. Make women feel safe again.

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6 Things Your Small Business Website Needs

Tips to ensure it's the best it can be.


After taking the leap into the small business world, there's one thing missing: a website. You've conquered the offline world by attracting people to your well-developed products and services.

However, what about the people who spend their majority of time online? Nowadays, this description fits everyone.

Everyone uses their phone to search for items and people are on social media, sharing the latest and greatest that goes on in their lives.

To make sure you're reaching this part of the market, you need to get your business a website. To make it a great one, here's everything you need to include.

Take a look!

A Clear Description

People visiting your site don't know who you are right off the bat. Think of it as giving someone a handshake and not introducing yourself to them.

Sure, they can see your website and the design that comes with it but you need more than that. A clear description gives insight as to what you do, who you are, and why you're in business.

It doesn't have to be anything lengthy. And you can also include all of this information on your about page rather than on the homepage.

Easy-to-Find Contact Information

How many times have you visited a website where you couldn't find their contact information? Guessing correctly, we'd probably say a few.

Unfortunately, not having a dedicated place to contact you or your customer service agents is a no-no. What if someone has a question that can't be found on your website?

The takeaway from this is that it's very unprofessional if visitors can't contact you. If you sell products or services of any kind, this can also make customers wary to do business with you. What if they have issues?

They'll feel they were scammed if they bought a defective product and the company cannot be contacted to solve the problem. That's a bad way to do business because instead of flagging you down for a phone number or email, they'll head straight to Yelp to post a bad review.

To prevent bad reviews from damaging your online reputation, create a contact page. This is where customers and visitors alike can find all the information they need such as a number, email, even fax. Make sure your contact page is placed on your menu and on the footer of your site.


Speaking of reviews, feel free to display some of the best customer feedback on your site. This is helpful, especially if your business is relatively new. You want to entice visitors to convert into customers and the best way to do that is to let them know what people are saying about your business.

Word of mouth marketing is an essential part of traditional marketing methods. For the online world, however, online reviews and testimonials act as that word of mouth tactic.

If people had a bad experience, they'll want to share it with those to make them aware. Same thing goes for if they had a good experience.

What you want to focus on is providing great customer service while also having products and services that live up to the hype. When you achieve that, you'll rack up those good reviews.

However, if you do happen to find a negative review, don't add fuel to the fire. The customer is upset for a reason so instead of calling it bluff, let them know you're here for them and will get to the bottom of the situation.

Anything you can go to diffuse the situation and not make it worse will be better for your business. This'll also show other people reading the review that if they come across a problem with your company, you'll act to solve it.

Calls to Action

Often abbreviated as CTA, a call to action is a direct phrase of what you want the customer or visitor to do next. Say they finished up your recent blog article showcasing the best features of your newest product.

They're convinced to buy that product since you've written about it. At the end of the article, you should put something like "Sign up for our newsletter to receive 10% off your total purchase price!"

This not only gets you another name on your email list but now they get a discount to purchase that product and more. If you were to end your article without a CTA, most likely that reader would've clicked off your site. Let them know the next steps you want them to take by informing them of their options using a CTA.

Relevant Content

Since we're talking about content already, let's continue on with it. For your small business website, you want to keep visitors on there. And the end goal is that you end up converting them into a customer.

Before we get them to become a customer, you have to entice them with good content. No matter you're industry or niche, all companies can benefit from a blog.

Blogs allow you to keep readers up to date with industry trends while also keeping them engaged with your company for longer. Not only does it benefit your visitors but it benefits you as well. Fresh, engaging content is key to SEO.

Be sure to know your target audience so you can create content that'll provide valuable information. Think of ways you can turn one or a few customer questions into a blog post. Most likely if one person is looking for answers on a specific subject, more people are too.

A Good-Looking, Responsive Site

Your site is the first impression you make for those who just discovered your business in the online world. If it's slow, clunky or disorganized, good luck trying to get written to stay on it.

A responsive website is fast, full of content and well-organized. You want to make sure images download quickly and there are no walls of text. Also, be sure your menu is condensed and not chock-full of unnecessary pages.

If you're in the stages of a website redesign, there are ways you can do it without losing your mind.

To ensure your small business is the leader of the pack, keep these tips in mind.

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