Though there is no set definition of "pretty," or "beautiful," there are an unfortunate set of standards as to what is considered physically "pretty," or "beautiful" according to societal standards.

Due to this set standard, women spend a majority of their free time sculpting their bodies, applying their makeup, doing their hair, buying trendy clothes, and generally conforming to be just like one another.

If this is what makes women confident and feel good about themselves, so be it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep yourself up, and it is definitely worth it if it makes you feel better about yourself.

However, there is more than just being physically "pretty," or "beautiful". Sometimes, beauty is more than what meets the eye. Non-physical things such as personality traits can be beautiful.

For me, feeling pretty or beautiful occurs when I am happy. When I surround myself with positive people who radiate love and kindness, I feel beautiful. When I am doing something that makes me happy, I feel beautiful.

Over the years, I have witnessed women spending their time working on their images so that they can look pretty and attractive, so they can feel this way too. With time, I learned that personally, this isn't my cup of tea.

Instead of watching youtube videos about how to do my hair and makeup, I spend my time reading, watching baseball, and watching Netflix.

I tend to do anything and everything I can to both expand my knowledge and to enjoy myself while doing it. That way, I feel more confident and "prettier."

In the end, looks and physical attraction can go only so far until you open your mouth. You can look like the most beautiful woman in the whole world, but without a personality, what does that really mean? Nothing.

I would rather be able to share stories of experience with the world, and my knowledge than show off my physique.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but intelligence is sexy and so are other desirable personality traits. Yes, personality really does matter.

Be the woman who has stories to tell, and lessons to share, instead of just a pretty face. Being pretty isn't the only thing that women have to offer.