The Beautiful Things In Life
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The Beautiful Things In Life

The source of beauty.

The Beautiful Things In Life
Daniel Cho

“…though the Kingdom of God is here, it lies just beyond the surface of what we see. It is like another dimension present with us always, though we are separated from it by the thinnest of membranes. But sometimes it trickles through into our wounded world in sublime moments of beauty, of truth, of peace, like water trickling through tiny fissures in a dam. We perceive it when we love.”

That is an excerpt from a novel called Fallam’s Secret by Denise Giardina. Now, this definitely isn’t my favorite novel by her, but this is one of the most incredible and beautiful passages that I have ever read.

There have been so many moments in my life where I have been overwhelmed with incredible emotion and an almost indescribable feeling — something like a chill. A beautiful sunset, quality time with close friends, the ending of a fantastic book — all of these moments overwhelmed me with a sense of awe, leaving me without any words to fully convey the strange feeling I have during them.

In those individual moments of beauty, when I experience something truly special that seems to be almost unreal, when I am struck with that indescribable feeling, I get the sense that there is something more to life. Those inklings of beauty don’t seem to be the end — rather, they seem to only be the traces of something more. The beauty we experience now is only a fraction — a glimmer — of the original source of Beauty. This source, which I believe to be God, is infinitely better than anything experienced on earth, and can only be felt by us in the little trickles of beauty, truth and peace.

Maybe this doesn’t make sense to you. Maybe I just sound crazy, like I’m make-believing some other thing that doesn’t exist. But, there just might be something to what I’m saying. The very fact that Giardina has perfectly described something I’ve always felt and thought seems to hint that there might be something here.

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