Learning not to care about people's opinions.
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Self Love

It's Time To Start Being Yourself, No Questions Asked

We live in a world where most people are constantly looking for the validation of others. I say it's time we started just being ourselves and enjoying life.

It's Time To Start Being Yourself, No Questions Asked
Amy Mahinske

As cliché as it may sound, I started to enjoy my life so much more once I stopped caring what other people thought of me. We live in a world where everyone is more concerned with the amounts of likes they receive, whether or not they have the nicest things, and how attractive they appear to others.

While I still like to take care of myself and put effort into my appearance, everything got easier when I realized I needed to dress and do things for myself and no one else. I don't get up in the morning thinking, "What will impress people the most when getting ready?" I think, "What will I be most comfortable in?"

I could care less about buying name brands or where I buy my clothes or makeup. I'm not here to appease other people. I don't care if girls look down on me because I don't use makeup from Sephora, or even wear any at all some days. I don't care if guys think I would look cuter in something else; I didn't put on my outfit for them anyways.

I enjoy life so much more without the weight of worrying what other people think of me. I would sit there and worry for hours on end if what I was wearing looked good or if anyone would notice how I did my hair. I mean granted I still take an hour to get ready, but now it's for me, not because I'm worrying what someone else will think.

Something else I've learned since I've stopped caring is how to pick my battles. Before, if someone would chirp me or say something that was meant to get a reaction from me, they would get just that. I would say anything to defend myself.

However, now I usually just brush off the comment and continue on. I realized if someone needs to say something to belittle me, they obviously have some issues they need to sort out for themselves.

I tend to get made fun of for a few specific things, such as my taste in music and my "type" I go for in guys. I am a huge fan of the band One Direction and that's something everyone would make fun of me for. A few years ago, I would get all defensive and try to justify why I enjoy their music. Now, I laugh and just tell people they're missing out while continuing to listen to the music.

Another thing I realized after I started to care less about others, is that my happiness actually increased. I was less stressed out all the time about if people were talking about me or if I looked okay. I just began to embrace who I was regardless of the situation.

Happiness isn't something, in my opinion, that can be bought. It's something that you must create yourself from the actions you are taking in your life. No one else can dictate what happiness is to you, so why should their opinion matter? Simple, it doesn't.

I also realized that I didn't need to be popular or have a billion friends to have a better life. Sometimes having a handful of friends can bring you much more happiness than having a ton. You are able to form real connections with a smaller number of people, thus, creating happier friendships.

I am always very unapologetically me. I will never pretend to be something I am not to impress another individual. Whenever I meet someone new, I am the same person as when I'm with my friends I've had for years. If someone doesn't like my personality, that isn't my problem. I do not need the validation of a stranger to feel good about who I am.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should be doing what makes you happy, regardless of what others think. Unless your hobby is illegal and your friends are concerned, then who cares if what you like isn't mainstream or is considered "weird?" Does it make you happy? Yes? Then do it.

Going places where you feel comfortable and are happy can lead to many things. You could make friends with people you wouldn't usually by staying true to yourself. You could learn about something you wouldn't have if you worried too much, or even find a new place to hang out.

By limiting yourself and what you do because you're worried about people judging you, you are closing so many doors. Taking risks can definitely pay off, even if society thinks what you are doing is "uncool." Do what you love and forget what others say.

Caring about other people's opinions can actually start to wear on your mental health. If you are too consumed with the idea of making others like you, eventually you're going to lose yourself completely. It's not worth hurting yourself in any way. Your identity starts to become someone who you are not by allowing other's opinions to affect and control your actions.

In the long run, by not caring as much about others, you learn to be less judgmental yourself. Everyone is human and everyone likes to do different things. People have unique styles and personalities, and by not judging immediately, you may find they have similar interests or hobbies as you do.

If you're not wanting to be judged for something you are doing, it's best not to judge someone else. If you do this, you're just a hypocrite, and let's be honest, no one like a hypocrite.

People might become jealous of you just because of your happiness. And they surely won't believe you when you tell them it stems from just not caring about others thoughts. But that's okay— if they want to worry about little things, let them. Continue to focus on what you're doing and push their negativity out of your mind.

Regardless of the activities you do or the clothes you wear, everyone deserves to be happy. It's time we all stop worrying so much about what others think. We need to stop seeking validation from strangers on social media and start seeking validation from ourselves.

It's about finding what you feel attractive in. Don't let people bring you down because you don't have the newest clothes or use drug store makeup. None of this stuff matters. If people are concerned with that, then do you really want those people around anyways? I know I wouldn't.

Don't apologize for who you are. It's no one's place to judge anyone, and if someone can't accept that you do things because they make you happy, screw them. Be true to yourself and stick to your guns. In the end, your happiness should come before anyone else's.

We have such a short journey on Earth, and it would be a damn shame if you let other people control how you live. So my advice to you: stop worrying about others and start feeling good about yourself and your hobbies. Learning to care less has helped me become happier in so many ways. I'm glad I learned to just enjoy life more.

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