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In this day and age, it's hard not to fall victim of daydreaming about the lives others live.

Their Instagram posts make us itch to be like them. We crave to look, act, and adventure the way all professional bloggers do. But in the midst of it all, we forget to live for ourselves.

We forget about our own adventures, dreams, and styles. We take on this mask of other people in hopes that someone out there will fancy over us the same way we fancy over them. We get too caught up in this image.

This image that only exists on a well-planned webpage.

We can't control every aspect of our lives, but we can control our dreams, our wildest adventures, our styles and our own well-planned webpage to be lived out on more than a blog, Instagram post or captivating Snapchat.

Sometimes we have to stop living for following others and put actions into place to live for ourselves. Life is too short to dream of being a copy of someone else. Although there are definitely more people in the world out there having way more fun and adventure than me, I am not going stop going after my desires.

The true depiction of how happy you are isn't based on the smile your followers comment about in your latest picture. It's not about how many likes you get, even though we all know our most liked photo. It's not even about the number of followers you have.

When it comes down to it, the real people aren't behind a screen, they are in front of you living life with you.

Look around. Step away from the daunting beauty that presents, filters, photoshop, and all the magic editing can bring. Make your world a real living magic, one too great to share. One great life that satisfies you and not your followers.

But don't stop posting on the 'gram, because we all know that's still fun!

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