Be Proud Of Your Major
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Student Life

Be Proud Of Your Major

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of your choice but you


There are always going to be people who hate on other people's choice of major. Those people are complete losers.

One of the most disheartening things to hear when you tell someone your major is, "Oh, you won't make very much money, better marry rich!" or "Nice, so you picked an easy major," as if neither of those are super offensive. Because I'm a journalism major, I hear people say things a lot about how my major is so easy and I must never have any hard classes or anything. My freshman roommate even thought that I wasn't smart just because I am a journalism major as opposed to a STEM major like her, and to be completely honest, I am way smarter than her.

Let's get one thing clear: your major doesn't determine your intelligence, and your intelligence doesn't determine your major. Sure, lots of super smart people choose to go to school for business, science, law and engineering, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are smarter than the people who are other sorts of majors.

This is because everyone thinks differently and is passionate about different things. It's amazing to me that people just simply choose a major because it's a "smart" major or they think they will make more money that way. If people would just get off of their high horse and listen to someone talk about their choice in major, sometimes it is really interesting to hear how passionate people are about their chosen field.

My twin sister is a pre-med physiology major who loves math and science and is super left-brained, while on the other hand I am a sports journalism major with a minor in Spanish. Growing up and all throughout high school, we got the same grades in the same classes and received the same scores on our standardized tests. People typically think of her as the smart one and me as less smart, but that's only based off of the face-value of our majors. I think it's so cool to hear all about how passionate she is about her pre-med club and how excited she is for internships and classes and such, whereas I'm sort of her polar opposite.

The point I'm trying to make with this is that it is totally fine to not understand a person's choice in their field of study, but with that you still need to give them the support that we all deserve. You should major in something that you love and are passionate about rather than suffer through something that you'll hate doing for the rest of your life. And just because you major in something that people think is an "easy" or "dumb" major, doesn't mean you aren't super smart. I'm confident that if I wanted to be like my sister and major in something STEM and go pre-med, I could. But I don't want to, and I'm actually very proud of myself for following my heart and choosing the major that is right for me, and no one else.

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