When times were tough, what helped you bounce back? Hopefully, you had some sort of healthy support system... someone or something to pick you up from the ground when you hit rock bottom. Someone or something to tell you things were going to be okay, even though at the time, you didn't believe them. Someone or something that made you feel safe, and helped bring you back to your best self. If you didn't have that, I am truly sorry. I hope that you find someone who sees all of your wonderful qualities and will help you when you need it most.

Everyone needs some help sometimes.

Either way, I hope that you walked away from your tough times stronger than ever, and prepared to help the world with what you learned. I hope you are ready to be someone else's strength when they need it. I hope you are able to pick someone up when the weight of their world is crashing on them. I hope that you are able to help someone find the best parts of themselves, the way you did. Everyone needs that.

Kindness goes a long way in this world. There is already so much evil out there, and sometimes you just don't understand quite what you are capable of. You're going to help out someone, and they may just repay that same kindness to someone else and you are to thank for spreading kindness instead of more negativity in the world.

Someone out there needs you. You may not know it yet, but they do. Someone is waiting for your insight. Someone is waiting for your opinions. Someone is waiting for your help. So be the person you needed when times were tough. Change the world with just a small amount of kindness.