6 Ways To Be More Respectful To Your Cashier
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6 Ways To Be More Respectful To Your Cashier

Human decency goes a long way.


If you've worked in retail, you've probably experienced each of these customers. If you've had a bad day you might have been one of these customers. Either way, we could use a little reminder on how to be respectful to your cashier. No matter how crappy your day is going.

1. Don't try to swindle me with fake deals.


Always read the fine print for my sake and yours.


Seriously nothing makes me roll my eyes harder than a customer who is trying to hassle me into giving them a better deal. You can try and tell me you saw a sign but we both know damn well that you didn't read the fine print on that sign. And for the last time, the big promo signage in the front of the store that says 75% off in real big letters with the small little "up to" in front of it, does not mean that the whole store is 75% off.

Now misreadings do happen. Signage is meant to draw customers in and be a bit misleading. But there's a big difference between "Hey! Are these 30% off? I think I saw a sign near them!" versus "These are 30% off even though there's definitely no sign near them and I'm gonna harass you until you give in". I've seen tweets of people bragging about harassing cashiers into giving into their "deal". Taking advantage of the "customer is always right" (they aren't by the way) principle and the fact that we can't tell you off is just gross.

There's nothing cute about getting an attitude to try to get a better price.

2. Please keep in mind that I know what I'm doing and if I don't, I'll ask.


Look at these baristas. They know how to make drinks. They don't need you to tell them.


I think everyone can agree that backseat driving is annoying. Well so is backseat cashiering.

My friend is a barista at a local coffee chain. One day, an unpleasant customer asked her, "Do you know what you're doing? Have you done this before?" He then proceeded to harass her by telling her how to make the drink step-by-step. She's been a barista for nearly a year.

Even the subtle "suggestions" can come across condescending and irritating. Again, delivery and intention are key here. If you're trying to take over the job, you're doing something wrong. We know what we're doing and if we don't, that's why managers exist.

3. Don't come in two minutes before closing with a huge transaction.


This store is open late. Check their hours before you go.


Never be the customer who comes in right before closing. We all want to go home. I'm sure you do too.

Of course, sometimes these things happen. As long as you're kind, quick and efficient the employees can't be that mad at you. We've all been in that last-minute pinch before.

However, taking your sweet time is just RUDE. With Google and common sense, we know you know our store hours. Little to no urgency in these situations is what makes a rude customer. Plan ahead. We'll be open tomorrow.

4. Don't freak out if I offer you a credit card.


You can say no nicely.


Offering and selling the in-store credit card is a huge part of my job as a cashier. I know it can be annoying having to endure a credit card pitch at every store, but it doesn't allow you to be disrespectful. Our managers are pressuring us to deliver these pitches to every customer. Just let us spit it out and you can politely decline.

Now if a cashier is being rude and not respecting your boundaries, that's another issue. But there's no need to throw a fit over "Hey do you wanna sign up for our credit card and get 35% off?" Just say no thank you and leave it at that.

5. Don't trash our area.


We have trash cans. You can ask.


Cashiers in the food industry understand this struggle better than anyone.

Leaving your garbage behind is disgusting. Please just ask if we have a trash can. We'll be happy to take it for you or point you in the direction of the nearest one.

6. Just be a nice person.

Collective Evolution

Be like these ladies.

Collective Evolution

Seriously. Just be nice and use your manners.

Don't toss your money at people, don't insult them, just be respectful. But don't be creepy. Cashiers being nice is not an invitation to flirt and harass. Do you want someone to treat you like this at work? Or at all?

Days don't excuse your behavior. I know it can be hard sometimes when everything in your day has gone wrong but let this be the thing that goes right. Don't ruin someone else's day.

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