One night as I was scrolling through social media, I saw a post of five girls with text above them. Four of them were wearing a clubbing outfit or clothing that boosted their confidence, while the other girl was wearing a hoodie and jeans. The girls that were not covered from head to toe had their background story written, letting the reader know that they were not, in fact, sluts; however, the girl wearing a hoodie, assumed they were, and that is the topic of this article. We assume people's personality based on what they are wearing and bash them for that.

We live in a time that judging someone by their appearance can take any turn. For instance, some rich people don't walk around wearing expensive clothing. Some people wear clothing they can barely afford to fit in to gain higher social friends. There are even social experiments to show who has a bigger heart!

Besides, talking trash about someone is terrible. You don't know what is going on in their life, yet you have no problem calling them names. It also shows that there is a problem with you —for example, bullies. Bullies bully people because they have a problem at home and have no courage to talk about it, so they take it out on others. Some people with low-self esteem spread rumors about others, possibly more successful persons than them because they want to be them but are not confident enough.

One piece of advice I would like to give is if you feel the need to judge someone based on what they wear, picture yourself in their shoes. Would you talk trash about yourself? Also, analyze the environment: if you are at the club, it is okay to wear clubbing clothing. If you are not at the club, then perhaps you can approach them and let them know they should probably go home and change clothing. It is better to save someone from embarrassment rather than judging them. It also makes you a better person, making you happier in the process. Who knows, you might make a friend that way.