Baylor: Tear Down That Wall!
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Student Life

Baylor: Tear Down That Wall!

The Rise of the 'Bearlin' Wall.

Baylor: Tear Down That Wall!

If you go to Baylor you are well aware of the rise of the 'Bearlin' Wall spanning the length of Fifth Street. As the administration has begun construction on the new fountain during the last two weeks of school, the hysteria is unmistakable. The fences that went up practically overnight have divided campus into the North and the South territories. Not only have the fences forced students to re-route their walking path to classes and interrupted the flow of campus, but they have ultimately started what has become known as the "Baylor Civil War."

The Baylor Civil War has taken collegiate social media by storm. At one point last week the phenomenon was nationally trending on Yik Yak, written about in the campus newspaper, and even given its own filter on Snapchat.

Delirious from finals season, students have let this war rage on, and frankly it has brought some excitement to campus and given students another outlet for procrastination.

In the South rests Waco Hall and the notorious chapel staff of Chapel Ryan, Burt Burleson, and Carlos that are leading the charge. Residents in both Collins and Martin are waiting for commands and holding down the fort. The ROTC and outdoor adventure students who reside in Brooks Flats are currently forming strategy to use in the upcoming days. Joy and Lady, the bears on campus, have even joined the fight, willing to do what is necessary to keep the south strong. One of the main benefits in the south is the notorious campus hang out Common Grounds, keeping war-time individuals caffeinated on the front lines.

However, with great strength in the North rests Art Briles residing in the palace on the Brazos, along with many of the other athletes. They have claimed the SLC as a training facility to gain strength against the south. The north is also home to the BSB filled with all science and Pre-Med students along with the engineering residents of Teal, who will no doubt utilize guerilla intelligence to win the war.

The dialogue has been unending and the war updates from the frontline are constant. Many have not survived, loved ones are separated, and the end is not in sight.

Pledges were drafted to join the ranks of their brothers, and maneuvers were made by those in the North just attempting to survive.

However, despite the efforts of their comrades, some have called victim to the war at hand and others have become confused on what to do.

But more than anything, this war has proved that regardless of what side you are on, your comrades are there to help you every step of the way.

To many of you wondering, yes this “Baylor Civil War" on campus is fake, but the excitement with it is too real. With finals just around the corner and the stress of last minute projects and all-nighters getting to us, we are in fact fighting the war of finals that has only just begun.

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