Battlefront II Story Review
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Battlefront II Story Review

One of the best Star Wars stories to date

Battlefront II Story Review
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“Star Wars: Battlefront II” recently came out and the story mode is amazing! It bridges the gap perfectly between “Return of The Jedi” and “The Force Awakens” and is quite possibly one of my favorite Star Wars stories to date.


The story starts off with Iden Versio, who is part of an Imperial Special Forces squad known as Inferno Squad. The squad has two other members besides Iden, their names are Del Meeko and Gideon Hask. The first mission you play as Iden who has been “captured” on purpose by the rebel alliance in order to delete a message pertaining the Emperors plan over Endor. This mission involves mainly stealth and you really get a look at what is happening off screen in “Return of The Jedi.”

After that mission, the player is then playing as Iden again on Endor, just after the destruction of the shield generator and just before the Rebellion destroys the second Death Star. There is actually a cutscene when the second Death Star is destroyed which then prompts the Empire to evacuate the planet. I really enjoyed this mission, mainly because of the fact that we got to see how the Imperials were reacting to the destruction. Something we never really got to see in the movies.

The next few missions deal with Operation: Cinder which is basically the Empire destroying several planets including Idens home world of Vardos. Which prompts her and Dels decision to defect to the Rebel Alliance. This was something that I didn’t think i would like because the “Imperial Defecting to the Alliance” is so overused, but i actually really enjoyed it because it showed that Iden and Del were able to see the flaws in the Empire and defect. While it is believed that Iden will join the First Order in the expansion pack “Project Resurrection,” however this is still unknown.

The second half of the missions for the story are very different then the first, as they are very hero-based. Hero meaning Han Solo, Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian. while these missions are fun, they are kind of filler as in the end the missions don’t offer much to the story as a whole. Besides the Leia mission which is Leia defending Naboo after the Operation: Cinder satellites failed and the Empire is attacking the city.

The ending of the game is the Battle of Jakku which is one of most fun missions in the game. It has X-Wing combat, ground combat, and a boss battle with Hask, who has remained loyal to the Empire. It ends with Iden and Del sharing a kiss and it then flashes forward to 30 years later and Kylo Ren has tracked Del to Pillio. Kylo is looking for the map to Luke Skywalker which leads straight into “The Force Awakens”. He also mentions Del having a daughter which is possibly Rey. We won’t find out until “The Last Jedi”. Overall, the games story is very good.

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