Battle Of The Comic Industries: Marvel Vs. DC

Battle Of The Comic Industries: Marvel Vs. DC

On the release of the much anticipated Thor and Justice League movies.

As a fan of all things pertaining to superheroes, I have seen every single movie in the past few years that Marvel and DC have released. So naturally, I found myself excitedly awaiting the new Marvel movie which hit theaters on November 3rd. By the way, this article does not involve any spoilers!

I was waiting for the new Thor movie the day I watched "Doctor Strange" (which I have to say was my favorite movie to date). The end scene introduced Thor asking Strange for help in looking for Odin. Strange happily agrees to help on the condition that Asgardians will go back at once. That being said, I also saw "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" that same year and it disappointed me greatly.

It seems to me as if DC takes an extra effort to drag out a story whereas Marvel is short and sweet with the execution of its plot. Whereas DC builds rigid characters that are fully focused on what they really are as superheroes, Marvel does not shy away from that. It highlights characters with a fluidity that engages them completely with their environment and other characters.

"Batman v Superman" ran in an environment in which the characters were distant and stoic and entailed of interactions that were almost mechanical. According to New York Times' writer A.O. Scott, "Its two-and-a-half-hour running time — not so much a 'dawn' as an entire morning spent watching the clock in anticipation of lunchtime — is peppered with teasers for coming sequels." Scott also adds that this movie "is less a free-standing film than the opening argument in a very long trial."

As far as "Doctor Strange" goes, the movie was vibrant with both its sets and the story. There was a lot of humor involved, as Marvel movies tend to include. Author Manohla Dargis describes the movie as "beautiful and nimble" via the New York Times. The story is anything but stoic for anyone who has yet to see the movie (no spoilers involved). It revolves around the rise and fall of a character who comes to terms and has to rise once more again. The same theme follows the newest Marvel film, "Thor: Ragnarok," and the movie is both funny and engaging.

There is, however, a new DC movie hitting the box office on November 17th and I don't really know if it will live up to its expectations. "Justice League" is something that "Batman v. Superman" set us up for as well and that's all it did. It foreshadowed new characters that DC was planning on unveiling. Although I was a huge fan of "Superman" before the movie I have yet to decide whether I will actually sit through another DC movie.

Cover Image Credit: Disney / Marvel

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How To Help Your Post Vacation Blues As Told By The Kardashians

They are real!


When the end of an amazing trip comes some people may be left feeling sad or even depressed.

This can include loss of appetite, loss of interest, exhaustion, and nostalgia.

Post vacation blues are defiantly a real thing, so don't feel alone or 'crazy' if you feel that you are experiencing them.

And sadly we aren't all rich and famous like the Kardashains so we can't just take off on our private jet whenever we feel like it.

So how can you go on a super fun vacation, without having to come home feeling down? Here are 8 ways that you can try and help those post vacation blues.

1. Catch up on some sleep


Kim trying to sleep

While vacation is supposed to be relaxing, we all know that sometimes it doesn't always turn out that way and that early morning activities, time change, and jet lag can all cause you to be very tired.

To try and find the energy the next day to get back to your daily duties, make sure that you go to bed early and catch up on your sleep so that you aren't a zombie just going through the motions the next day.

Even uber famous people like Kim need to sleep!

2. Practice self care


Bath time

Go to the gym, take a bath like Kim, or do a face mask.

Whatever makes you feel a little better and relaxed, go for it!

This is a great way to make you feel better and a little less stressed out about being back and having responsibilities.

3. Tell your friends about your trip


Unless you went on it with them, like Kylie does, excuse me I meant *did*

Reliving your vacation by telling your friends about the great experience that you had is a great way to reminisce on it, but also get it out of your system.

Just make sure that it isn't all that you are talking about and that it doesn't come off as standoffish.

 4.   Write a travel blog or make a scrapbook


But instead of Tumblr, it'll be your blog

This is yet another way to relive your vacation in a healthy way.

It can help you save the memories that you made on it, while helping you find closure.

If you make a blog, it could help other people out who are looking to travel there and a scrapbook is a good way to preserve the memory.

 5.  Catch up with people


Hang out with these kinds of people

Spend your free time meeting up with friends and family members to talk about what you missed while you were away.

This is a good way to get you back into the rhythm of being back home and at staying engaged in your life that you put on pause for vacation.

6. Start planning your next trip


What you will be saying if you don't plan it early

Sure you may be sad about your trip, but who said that you can't start planning a news one for the future?

Of course money and other obstacles can be boundaries against you being immediately able to go on another trip, but there is no harm in preparing for the future.

7. Keep yourself busy



Finding a hobby that you enjoy or immersing yourself in your work is a great way to distract yourself from those blues.

So take Kris's advice and find a new hobby!

8. Think about what you have at home


Kris clearly missed her dog, even though I think that is actually Kim or Khloe's

Sure being on vacation can be fun and a great escape, but surely there are things at home that you missed.

Maybe it was your dogs (or cat if you are one of those people) or your friends.

Whatever it was, focus on that and realize how lucky you are to have them in your life!

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