Do Not Call Me A Basic White Girl
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Do Not Call Me A Basic White Girl

Hush you basic white boy.

Do Not Call Me A Basic White Girl

What is a "basic white girl"? Urban Dictionary describes it as "a female who conforms to her surroundings and claims she is unique. She often drinks Starbucks, wears Ugg boots in August, and posts selfies on social networking sites every. Single. Day. Also uses hashtags that don't have anything to do with the picture itself."

If you are white/caucasian female, 9 times out of 10 you are going to be labeled as basic, and here is why: you like coffee, you like to wear leggings and boots, watch Grey's Anatomy, use "candid" photos on Instagram, favorite season is fall and love dogs.

Let me just explain to you why we do these things:
Coffee: it is delicious and gives you a boost of energy
Leggings: covers like pants (somewhat) and they stretch to conform to your food baby size
Grey's Anatomy: it is a dang good show if you put the effort into paying attention
Candid photos: mom took them of you as a child, why not continue them now
Fall: it is the perfect season because it is finally cooling off from the hot summer months, but still warm enough that you are not burning up from stepping outside
Dogs: everyone loves dogs

If girls do not call each other "basic white girls" (and mean it seriously), then who is doing it?

That is right. Do not eve start to argue with me that you are not one. Y'all think that we all dress and act the same? HA! Y'all are just as bad. Don't believe me? Let me tell you.

1. Jeans, PFG shorts, Chubbies
2. Boots or Loafers (or what I like to call, frat boy bar shoes)
3. Nike tennis shoes and high Nike socks (they always say socks up morals down)
4. "That's what she said."
5. "Gains."
6. Macklemore haircut or the "flow"
7. Name brand t-shirts or one representing a farm from back home.
8. Deer, ducks, fishing, DALE YEAH.
9. And for the special few, camo Crocs.

So before you call you a female a "basic white girl", look at the buddies around you. 9 times out of 10 y'all are all dressed alike and are into the same things.

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