Many people try to insult ladies by telling them that they are being basic, but I give a hair flip and respond with, "Duh." Some will try to change their ways and try to be "normal." I think you should embrace your basic girl power and show the world how wonderful it truly is.

Here are 13 questions basic girls hear everyday, that they seriously can't even listen to anymore:

1. Are you even wearing pants?

Of course not, I choose to go out in public without pants on. No! Even though I choose to wear big t-shirts on a daily bases I still have Nike shorts on underneath. Now this is very basic choice, but you can look around an college campus and lose count on how many ladies you see in two sizes too big t-shirts.

2. Are you drinking another pumpkin spice latte?

You mean PSL? Yes, yes I am, because it is the best drink that sweet baby Jesus has ever created.

3. Let me guess, fall is your favorite season.

Nailed it. There's so many great things that come with this season. Tailgating, pumpkin scented everything, bon fires, cuffing season... the list is never ending.

4. What kind of planner do you have?

There's only one right answer to this, and it's Lilly Pulitzer.

5. You want to watch Mean Girls? Again?

Yes! It's almost October 3rd which is better known as the day Aaron Samuels asked Kady Heron what day it was.

6. What do you mean you can't?

I can't. I just can't even

7. You do all your shopping at Target?

Is this even a basic thing? Where else are you suppose to shop?!

8. Who is Nicholas Sparks?

Are you serious right now? Not only is he the best writer but he has the best movies somewhat based off his books. You know what, we don't need to continue this conversation.

9. What do you want to drink tonight?

Wine. Wine all the way. Yes wine! red wine, pink wine, white wine! I don't care! Give me wine!

10. You still use Pinterest? Like a lot?

Once again, is this a real question? My entire life is planned on Pinterest.

11. Do you want to go to breakfast or lunch?

What about brunch? This is the best meal in the world and pairs great with a mimosa, it's the best of both worlds. Together. In one. Breakfast, lunch, brunch! The greek gods must of come up with this.

12. You know there's 170 calories in a vodka cranberry right?

What are you talking about there's only 60 max, plus its healthy. You know, because of the juice.

13. Did you just wake up? Your hair looks terrible.

Are kidding me? This is the perfect messy bun and took hours to perfect. I don't need your negativity.

I know many of my basics out there can identify where I am coming from and relate too many of these topics. I'm here to tell you to embrace who you really are and appreciate the world you belong too. It's a great and wonderful world. So go out and enjoy your PSL with your Lily planners and baggy t-shirts. That's who you are girl. Own it.

You know you love me, XOXO Basic B*tch