Basic Gifts for “Basic” Girls
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In recent times social media, has lead to an increasing number of girls across the country suffering from something I'd like to call, “basic” syndrome. Yet, what exactly do the implications of a "basic" diagnosis entail?  

Defined on Urban dictionary as, “a female who conforms to her surrounding while ironically claiming to be 'unique'. She often drinks Starbucks, wears UGG boots in August, and posts selfies on social networking sites every. single. day. The average 'basic' has been known to additionally use hashtags that are oftentimes irrelevant to any pictures that she may post."

With the holiday season nearly full swing, one might find themselves asking the question, “what gifts should I give my friends who suffer from this 'basic' syndrome?”

Have no need to fear, for I have compiled a list of the top 10 things that every “basic” girl wants this holiday season.

1. Starbucks Gift Card. Tbh. Your basic betch will obvi need a Starbucks gift card. How else will they always have enough money to be able to buy their favorite holiday flavored drinka. Hallow be thy Starbucks name, lest us forget that they will also need to have a full on photoshoot with their said drinks. After all, did you really have a peppermint mocha if you didn't Insta that pic? I say nay.

2. Duck boots. Duck boots are to a basic betch, as PSL are to fall. Don’t forget that they have to be wearing duck boots in their Instagram with their coffee. Move over UGGs because quite boots are all the new rage for these girls. 

3. Spirit Jerseys. To go along with their duck boots, every girl must have a spirit jersey. Spirit jerseys used to just be for sorority girls, but now even if you’re in high school, spirit jerseys are a must. Whether it’s one for a sorority, a college, a vacation spot, or a sports team: it's a necessity

4. Leggings. To go under that spirit jersey and into a pair of duck boots, every basic girl will always need more leggings. Leggings are the go-to pants for all basic girls. Whether they are workout leggings or cotton leggings, one can never go wrong buying a new pair for these girls. 

5. A Columbia Vest. Even when it’s 40 degrees outside, all basic girls need a Columbia vest to wear over their spirit jerseys. These girls don’t care whether or not the vest is keeping them warm, all they know is that they look good. Vests are an expectation and these girls are basic. Basic girls wear Columbia vests over t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, or spirit jerseys. 

6.  Nike sneakers. The brighter the color, the better. Whether the girl actually works out in them or not, she proudly wears them, even if the colors don’t match her outfit. These are a must. 

7. The Naked eye makeup palette. Now you might be thinking to yourself that she just got one last year, so why does she need the new one this year? Well, I don’t know how you haven’t noticed, but the new palette has TWO new colors, and you can’t buy those colors individually, so she needs the whole thing again. It’s as much essential to her makeup collection as it is to her life.

8. A Michael Kors watch. Every girl needs a cute watch to wear wherever she goes, and you can never go wrong if you buy her a Michael Kors watch...even though it is $200 or more. 

9. Monogrammed anything. From car decals, to necklaces, to boot socks. You can never go wrong buying her something monogrammed. The more monogrammed stuff she has, the more unique and special she feels. 

10. A cute puppy. With a bow wrapped around its neck either under the tree or in her stocking. Why a puppy you ask? Well, why not a puppy? A cute puppy could help her get more likes on her Instagram photos if it was in it. A cute puppy could cuddle with her while she was sipping on her Starbucks coffee wearing her duck boots, leggings, spirit jersey, and Columbia vest. Heck, a cute puppy could even help her break in her new Nike sneakers when she took it for walks. That is why a cute puppy is the final and best gift for a basic girl.   

So this holiday season, don’t worry about trying to find the perfect gift for all your “basic” friends. This checklist ensures a successful gifting season. 

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