I'm A Basic, Fall-Loving White Girl, But Not Really

I recently wrote a Tumblr post with the same name. Yes, I know Tumblr counteracts my “but not really” claim, but I promise that I don’t really use Tumblr. In fact, I only recently made an account.

As for what I said in my post, I wrote a pseudo-poem which explores the reasons why fall is my favorites season. Of course, I love the practicality of fall. I can finally wear jeans without sweating, and live in sweaters, sweatshirts, and blankets. I can be excited about a gradual yet noticeable change in the world, whether in the attitude of people around me or the sweep of new colors on the trees and the ground. I can hang out by a fireside and toast marshmallows and smell the burn of wood.

As for events, fall break allows for a brief break from school. Halloween sparks the creativity and fun in everyone. At my school, a tradition called Pumpkin Parade fosters a sister-class bonding between a sophomore and a senior.

I like fall because everything about it means something to me. I think the reason girls who love fall are labeled "basic" is because so many girls seem to like the same things about the season. But doesn't this only reinforce that fall is a great season, because so many people agree on why they love it? I'm glad that so many other girls can see the beauty of my favorite season, and fall in love with what it has to offer.

Of course, I admit that I like pumpkin spice lattes— even though I can’t drink too much coffee—the abundance of autumn candles, and flannels. But it’s the details and memories in the seemingly “basic” things that I love about fall, and this is what I lingered on in my post.

Here’s what I wrote:

So I’m that stereotypical white girl that likes pumpkin spice and everything nice, and anything related to fall.

But I like fall for my own reasons. I love fall because the leaves aren’t just one cool-toned color, but are like a collection of fire-colors: sunset orange, hot gold, and flickering red.

I love fall because the smell of a fresh pumpkin on the vine reminds me of my childhood. Because the smell and feel of pumpkin seeds before carving a pumpkin is the weirdest yet satisfying thing.

I love fall because the weather is the perfect in-between.

My allergies start to fade.

The spice of chai and all things apple cinnamon not only smell amazing but fill you with a glowing warmth.

I love fall because it’s a feel-good season, one in which it’s acceptable to eat tons of pie, be cozy, and enjoy the goods of life.

What else could I want?

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