The Bare Minimum

Lately, I’ve been horribly depressed. When we get depressed, it feels as if the universe is zapping away all our energy into some endless black hole in outer space, making even the simplest tasks feel like your climbing Mt. Everest. Don't worry if you feel zapped, you are not the only one, hence why coffee was invented. If you are like me, there is simply no time to be zapped dry out of energy. You have a million and one responsibilities all due in under a minute it feels like. In order to stay as productive as possible, follow these 3 steps:

1) Make a List

Write down a checklist of everything you must get done today.

2) Golden Rule: One (1)

START. Try to complete at least 1 task on your To-Do list for that day. ‘Just Do It’ is a slogan for a reason. Seeing everything on your list all at once may seem daunting, but start with one item and begin by taking the first steps to complete it.

3) Be Proud and Keep Going!

‘Once you finish, check it off, be proud of yourself for accomplishing a goal on your list, and try to keep going and finish the list.

*Bare Minimum Standard: Complete at least 1 task on your To-Do list.*

I have found that this really can help no matter how depressed, sick & tired, unmotivated, and exhausted you may be feeling. Even if you only do one item on your list, you still accomplished something today: The Bare Minimum!



-Class Paper

-Work a Shift

-Exercise for 30 mins

-Schedule my doctor’s appointment

-Get out of Bed

So far today, I have only managed to get out of bed. That may not seem like a huge achievement, but when your depressed, it’s a big deal. You probably won’t feel like it was a major accomplishment, and if so, let that motivate you to keep checking off items on your list. Now that I am out of bed, even though I am feeling like utter shit, I know I will feel worse riddled with regret if I don’t try to keep going and do at least 1 (one) more item on my list. Next, I will try to complete my 3 page paper for my gender class. The first step is brainstorming ideas for the paper. The next step is creating an outline. The next step would be opening up the word document blank page. The next step is would be to start typing it.

Little by little, you will make progress throughout the process, step by step. Be kind with yourself, try your best, know your limits, and NEVER GIVE UP!!! You can do it, and if you are reading this, you have already accomplished today by learning about the BARE MINIMUM STANDARD! So go treat yo’self and just remember, O N E is the golden rule.

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