I have spent about five years in marching band, eight years in band all together. Once you have spent such time and dedication to a program, it seems to become a part of you. A part of you that you'll never forget. I feel as though being in band for so long has conditioned me to get excited near the end of July because the start of a great marching season is only a couple of weeks away! In honor of being excited for the many band kids about to start band camp, I have looked through many band camp memes and picked the ones that made me laugh and think of the fond memories I have from my experience in marching band. There are some things about band that are no fun, but the good times far outweigh the bad.

1. For the front ensemble 

you_band_bro, instagram

2. Are you really on your phone right now?

What did you think it was?

_hakuna._.fermata, instagram

One time during band camp our drum major was on their phone and the director called them out for it. After that, the band kids made it a running joke. Good times.

3. No more water?!

Bring lots of water! Stay hydrated!

alwaysaguardie, instagram

When I was a novice, I asked my parents to bring me water when I ran out. Fortunately, this only happened once because I purchased a big water jug as soon as rehearsal was over.

4. Oh no

Just keep marching...

memeaphone, instagram

Moments like this used to always make me cringe. It's okay, though. Everyone will get their parts down eventually.

5. Get ready to play

Train wreck. Every time.

Bandboozled, instagram

Sometimes they go all the way through and sometimes they just have to stop it.

6. Hey battery...

Speaking from experience, this is a completely legitimate reaction.


Drum line is very serious on the cool things they get to do. For the two years I was on bass line, we were all upset about being promised a bass turn and then not getting one. Of course they added a bass turn the year I graduated.

7. Finally!

There is no better feeling!

Bandboozled, instagram

Some drill sets are just so complicated. But when you work for it and finally get it down, it's one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Once you get it down it becomes easy.

8. Oh, yikes

Cold runs are the worst runs.

cracked.reeds, instagram

Sometimes the performance will fix itself and sometimes the director will cut it off, clean for a few hours, and then try again. It's all part of the fun.

9. I just can't

I'm coordinated but not that coordinated.

_hakuna._.fermata, instagram

At least no one is alone in the struggle.

10. One more time

The never ending cycle.

kingsofhalftime, instagram

11. No, you're doing great

More like band directors vs. band parents.

memeaphone, instagram

12. So you think you can drum?

Percussionist: Watch this.

memes_for_bandnerds, instagram

13. Breakdown time!

bandboozled, instagram

14. Seriously?

How could you?

memeaphone, instagram

15. Finally,

weplayinstruments, instagram

Have fun, drink lots of water, and enjoy yourself!