Welcome to College, the supposed best years of your life.

This is definitely the most stressful time as you figure out where to go next.

As you find your classes, make new friends, quarrel with roommates, and juggle the school load there are a few things to remember.

1. The dorm is not your own home, other people stay there

We all get rowdy when we bring our friends over, and at college, you feel like you have more freedom but with freedom comes responsibility. Other people live in your dorm, and even if you don't have a test, or loads of homework at the time, other students likely do and you have to remember that just as you want quiet while studying they deserve the same courtesy.

2. Stress builds

Try to stay ahead of your school work, and remember that taking breaks is not giving up, it's mentally preparing yourself for what is ahead.

3. Don't let online classes become your enemy

Many students are prone to forgetting to check blackboard, but some professors don't announce when they have new assignments up and it is not their responsibility to tell you. The old excuses from high school of being unaware don't work in college.

4. Don't get sidetracked by your friends

I love my friends, and I'm sure that you love yours, but school does need to come first after all we're paying too much money to waste the time we have. Your GPA matters, don't get kicked out because you didn't care.

5. Listen to your RA's

I am guilty of being annoyed by the constant "mandatory meetings", but they don't want to have them any more than we do. In the end, they just want what is best for you. The rules are in place not just for the safety of you, but for the safety of the entire residence hall.

6. Go to the tutoring center

If your campus has a tutoring center, make use of it, everyone has a subject that isn't their best and everyone there truly wants you to succeed. Don't let pride hold you back, they won't look down on you.

7. Remember to relax

Everyone has that moment where they snap, so avoid it by taking your time and allowing yourself to calm down.