How To Balance Good Grades And A Social Life In College

Is A Desolate Camera Roll Worth That 4.0, Or Can You Have It All?

Our social lives give us endorphins, our relationships give us meaning, and our academic achievements give us personal fulfillment. All are necessary to "live our best lives."


As I was progressing my way through the first half of my college career, I noticed my transcript was certainly stellar, but my camera roll was desolate, however, I continued to reassure myself: "It's okay that I don't put myself out there as much as I use to. I have the GPA, I'll have the successful future, and even prefer to have the hangover-free weekends"... little did I know.

Personal achievements, particularly concerning academics, are self-fulfilling and necessary components to our overall self-esteem. However, that sense of fulfillment tends to be temporary. The genuine, long-lasting, purposeful feelings stem from the relationships and intimacy we share with those around us.

When I began prioritizing my time properly, realizing the importance of a social life, it changed my well-being for the better. So how can you have both the 4.0 (or your definition of an accomplishing GPA) and loaded camera roll? If you manage your time correctly.

Academics are imperative, and my school achievements are a significant part of my identity that continues to define me until I move on to another chapter of my life, but hear my spiel: we will lose our minds by merely surviving.

Balance is a skill to master

At first, you'll feel guilty. Socializing and staying out with friends when in the back of your mind you have exams and assignments due the following week (gasp!) well, you need to either momentarily repress these thoughts and enjoy the night or, the key to thriving in my opinion, Get your stuff done before you go out. If we're similar persons, you will get the job done, and it's irrational to hold yourself hostage in your dorm.

Life is short and we will lose our minds by merely surviving

Before you know it, it'll be your 21st birthday and you won't know who to invite to split the Tropicana costs with, or you're getting married and you don't have a loyal group of girls on speed dial to be bridesmaids, or even worse, a MOH. Life is short, and if you're not living it, your emotional-being will pay the price.

Your transcripts won't take selfies with you!

Transcripts show discipline but they don't sympathize with you, listen to you, Netflix and Chill with you, or take selfies with you. Therefore, it should not be your only concern. Break up with your textbooks because I know you're bored, but keep it an open relationship, because knowledge is still power.

My GPA is the same, but my mental health is prospering. My camera roll no longer consists of just the occasional selfie and screenshots of Tasty recipes that I'll never make, but now with people I love, in moments I continue to cherish because I was able to teach myself the power of balance, an essential skill that takes time to master, but is imperative to start living over surviving. I'm happier than ever, with the same GPA, but now with more memories and meaning to my life.

You guessed it: you can have it all.

You should not allow your stubbornness or your obsessiveness with school harness you back from living or dedicating crucial time to friends when you have upcoming due dates haunting your subconscious. Don't hold yourself captive to deadlines. Our social lives give us endorphins, our relationships give us meaning, and our academic achievements give us personal fulfillment and knowledge. These are all are necessary to "live our best lives."

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But college is also expensive AF.

The cool thing about that is everyone knows that, and everyone — businesses included — knows college kids can't afford to spend *too* much money that they do NOT have. So you know that student ID you have?

It gets you college student discounts. Lots of them.


1. AMC Theaters

Discounted tickets on Thursdays

2. Apple Music

50% off.

3. Cinemark

Discounted tickets.

4. Regal Cinemas

Exclusive deals!

5. Spotify

Spotify Premium for $4.99/month!

6. New York Mets

$10 tickets with college ID.


8. Apple

Free pair of Beats with Mac purchase!

9. Best Buy

Exclusive deals!

Exclusive deals

10. FedEx

20-30% off shipping!

11. Microsoft

Multiple discounts!

12. Sprint

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13. Verizon

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14. Allstate

20% off.

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15% off.

16. Nationwide

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27. Billabong

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31. Goodwill

20% off on Tuesdays with college ID!

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15% off with college ID!

33. Kate Spade

15% off with college ID!

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10% off!

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10% off with college ID

38. Vinyard Vines

15% off with college ID!


39. Arby's

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40. bd's Mongolian Grill

Student Night - $9.99 bowl of stir fry!

41. Buffalo Wild Wings

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42. Burger King

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43. Chik-fil-A

Free drink with a meal!

44. Chipotle

Free drink with a meal!

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Student Meal Deal!

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Cover Image Credit: ASMR Darling//YouTube

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11 Hangout Spots In Athens That You And Your Buddies Can Enjoy

These are the coolest spots in Athens for a day of good wholesome fun.


Athens is famous for being a party-hard college town, but it is also full of opportunities for an awesome time outside of the bars. The quaint local establishments encourage Athenians to spend quality time with friends and family, with options for every group and preference to hang out in Athens and have an entertaining time.

1. The Rook and Pawn.

This quaint board game cafe offers a multitude of games from "Risk" to "Exploding Kittens" and everything in between. Whether you want a chill night of fun or an intellectually stimulating competition, the Rook and Pawn is a perfect place to get to know others. They also have a tasty menu and lovely teas, adding to the homey ambiance of the establishment.

2. Ice skating at the Classic Center.

Take advantage of this event during its limited duration; it is a lovely winter activity best enjoyed with a group of friends or significant other. Skating around on the ice allows for pleasant conversations while still engaging in a nice physical activity and getting your exercise in for the day.

3. Athens Skate Inn.

Athens Skate Inn offers skating activities all year round. It is located off of Atlanta Highway and has both inline and regular roller skates available for rental, as well as a few video games and a party room. For those with a love for all things retro, Oldies Night on Wednesdays is a fabulous way to skate around with your buddies listening to the best classic tunes.

4. Showtime Bowl.

Another classic activity, bowling is a relaxing way to hang out with friends. Showtime Bowl also has an arcade room and billiard tables for those tired of hitting the alleys.

5. Legion Pool.

Only open from late May to early August, Legion Pool is located on campus and shares a parking lot with Bolton Dining Hall. It offers a refreshing reprieve from the heat of summertime in the south and is open to University of Georgia students for a discounted price.

6. Bear Hollow Zoo.

This zoo features animals rescued from the wild, most of which are native to Georgia. There are also several beautiful trails, a lake, and a playground in the property, and entry is free to everyone.

7. State Botanical Gardens.

The State Botanical Gardens are a dazzling representation of local and foreign plant species and hosts several events throughout the year such as the Insect-ival, a bug-themed festival which occurs every fall. The gardens and surrounding woods are riddled with beautiful paths and trails.

8. Georgia Theatre.

Don't let the cozy size of this music venue fool you; it has housed many popular names in the music industry, such as Walk The Moon and Elle King, and its smaller capacity makes every spot in the house a good one.

9. Georgia Museum of Art.

The Georgia Museum of Art is tucked-away near UGA south campus and displays many permanent works of art and usually a few transient collections as well, so there is always a reason to revisit. Pieces from ancient times to the contemporary can be seen, and there is a particularly spectacular selection from the renaissance era.

10. Athens Farmers Market.

The farmers market at Bishop Park is an enchanting way to begin Saturday mornings; live music fills the tennis courts wherein the local farmers and artisans sell their goods and food carts and booths sell their freshly made pastries, cheeses, and other yummy bites. On Wednesday evenings Creature Comforts hosts a smaller segment of the farmer's market as well, gathering together the citizens of Athens to support sustainability and their local economy.

11. Tate Theatre.

Free to UGA students and open to other paying customers as well, the Tate Theatre provides showings of both recent and throwback movies, a convent and affordable opportunity for catching films that you missed in the theatre or haven't seen in a while.

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