Badflower has just released their debut album "Ok, I'm Sick" and let me tell you- it's the rock album you've been waiting for.

With the album release date coming closer and closer, I sat down with Josh to ask him some questions about the album, what their fans can expect throughout the year and what Josh wants you to take away from the album.

The new album, which is set for release on February 22 is the band's debut album which features their number one song "Ghost". They're currently touring and won't be done until the end of July, and that's just the beginning.

Odyssey: What can we expect from "OK, I'm Sick? What do you want people to take away from this? Or is this something you want people to think about objectively?

Josh: I don't want people to take it objectively, because if they do I'll feel like I've failed. I want people to recognize that it's a rock album and as something that matters right now.

O: What can you tell us about "Ghost"?

J: Basically, "Ghost" was just a way for me to say exactly what I was feeling in the moment. I wanted to be as direct as possible and I didn't really think about how people would react.

O: What are your biggest inspirations? Do you have any dream collaborations?

J: It's all very modern and every concept is an observation about what's happening in our modern society. It's kind my take and my opinion on people and myself that kind of drives the inspiration. As for collaborations, I haven't really thought about it. Dawes is really good though.

O: Where would you like to see Badflower a year from now? What can we expect from the coming year? Anything that you've been working on? (Besides the album of course).

J: We're already moving to the next album.

O: Has there been a specific moment last year that felt really pinnacle?

J: Definitely the title of number one rocks song in the country. Milestone moments haven't hit us in a big way becasue we haven't had some time off. Also, we're just not done yet.

O: What does your creative process look like? Is there anything that you find you do every time you write a new song?

J: Everything kind of happens at the same time. The melody and a phrase might come together at the same time and that's when you start to realize what the song is about. I mean, something that I wrote ten years ago can take on a totally different meaning now depending on what I wanted to do with it.

To click here to listen to Ghost and here to listen to Heroin.