10 Badass TV Characters Who Take Names And Kick Major Ass
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I haven't done a badass character article in a while so I decided to do another one that doesn't have any characters I have mentioned in my past articles. These characters are badass because they either kick ass or have a badass attitude. Here are 10 more badass TV characters!

1. Richie Gecko (From Dusk Till Dawn)


Richie Gecko is a character originally from the From Dusk Till Dawn Series (originally a movie). The series gives Richie more of a complex than the movie which is made by the same director as the series, Robert Rodriguez. Richie has a badass attitude but also is very troubled. His character is very complex when it comes to losing his mind while also having a heart while he's back to being himself. Riche's character is very interesting, definitely a favorite character of mine and of course badass.

2. Seth Gecko ("From Dusk Till Dawn")


Seth Gecko is also from the From Dusk Till Dawn series and is Richie's brother. Seth is the more sane mind of the two and is the one that remains human within the show. He is a badass gangster along with his brother and gets caught up in the supernatural mess that is the in show. He stays strong and despite the difficulties he has with Richie sometimes, he will always want to protect him.

4. Freya Mikaelson ("The Originals")


Freya Mikaelson is from "The Originals." She is the long lost sister of the Mikaelson family. Freya is a witch with incredible power and has been neglected for years in the family department. Once Freya found her family she made it her mission to always protect them. Freya is very strong and powerful and if you mess with her or her family, you are screwed.

4. Kate Fuller (From Dusk Till Dawn)


Kate Fuller is also in the "From Dusk Till Dawn" series. She is a young girl who gets caught up in the Gecko Brothers escape into Mexico. She is a religious girl who ends up seeing a lot of dark things but still holds onto herself. Even though her heart is good she still does things she doesn't agree with to protect the people she loves. At one point a demon takes a hold of her body but due to the strength she has she often breaks free of it. Kate Fuller is the heart of gold who is an ultimate badass.

5. Maeve Wiley (Sex Education)


Maeve Wiley is a main character in the Netflix show "Sex Education". She is the badass girl who doesn't care what people think of her. She also is complex and you can tell throughout the first season. Maeve gives off that she doesn't have a care in the world but she does have a caring heart. I love her attitude and everything about her is badass.

6. Santanico/Kisa ("From Dusk Till Dawn")


Santanico is the goddess who is treated as property at a strip club in the show "From Dusk Till Dawn". Her name is also Kisa and prefers Kisa because Santanico reminds her of the time she was treated as a slave. Kisa is a Culebra which is a supernatural creature that has a snake form and she is considered a goddess of the creatures. She fights for her freedom and the freedom of others and pairs up with the Gecko brothers. Kisa is a badass woman who symbolizes that women aren't to be owned.

7. Vincent Griffith ("The Originals")


Vincent Griffith is from "The Originals" and is a New Orleans powerful witch. Vincent for a while strays away from witchcraft because he felt responsible for his wife going dark and turning to dark witchcraft. Once Vincent gets the strength to practice again, you find out how powerful of a witch he is. Vincent works with the Mikaelson's sometimes but also his main focus is doing the right thing. Sometimes in The Originals, the characters lose their moral compass but Vincent always has his correct. Vincent is a badass and a really good guy who always knows what the right thing to do is.

8. Lip Gallagher ("Shameless US")


Lip Gallagher is the second to oldest sibling in the show Shameless (US). I have talked about Fioana's strength but Lip also is a badass character. He often does his best to help out Fiona and help raise the rest of the siblings because he knows it isn't fair to let the weight fall on his older sister. Lip has an attitude and pretends to not care but has a big heart. Lip often is a trouble maker but also tries to do the right thing. Lip Gallagher is a badass character who is extremely smart and has a very tough life.

9. Sabrina Spellman ("The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina")


Sabrina Spellman is the main character of the Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sabrina is a young witch who lives a double life and doesn't like to stray away from who she is. Sabrina grows up with her aunts and cousin who follow the Dark Lords magic. Sabrina however doesn't want to sign her soul away to the Dark Lord and instead wants to rebel against him. She is a badass witch with a lot of power and a very caring soul. She knows who she is and she refuses to be someone she is not.

10. Damon Salvatore ("The Vampire Diaries")


Damon Salvatore is from "The Vampire Diaries" and is the oldest of the heartthrob Salvatore brothers. Damon tends to be the destruction of himself and also tends to do bad things to get where he needs to go. Damon seems heartless but also has a big heart and just does everything he can to protect it. You see his soft side when it comes to Elena Gilbert and his love for her. You also see more of it when it comes to his brother and his friends. Damon is a badass character who turns out to be very complex and have a lot of sides to him.

That is the end of my 10 badass TV characters. These characters kick ass and aren't afraid to fight for what they want or believe in. These characters have badass attitudes and a lot of strength. All of these characters have been through tough times that make them who they are. They often struggle with themselves but deep down they are genuinely strong and good people.

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