We all have those people that we like, but seem to fight with constantly. For some of us, the same applies to our relationship with our hair.

1. It always looks better when you're staying home. 

Of course when you have nowhere else to go your hair decides to cooperate

2. It somehow seems like the change in weather will fix your 'do. 

Summer ending means my frizz will go away, right? Wrong.

3. Trying to style it always ends in failure. 

There's always that one hair that sticks up out of place, so it's almost better to just let it be.

4. Your hair's texture is confusing and inconsistent. 

How is my hair oily and dry at the same time?

5. Inescapable baby hairs

Doesn't matter how you wear it or style it. They're always there.

6. You constantly joke about chopping it off. 

But where does the joke end and the truth begin.

7. Sometimes your best friend is a messy bun.

At that point, I don't even care what it looks like anymore. I just want it out of my face.

8. Always keeping a hair tie with you 

And the permanent mark around your wrist from keeping them there.