Working Retail Has Great Benefits, But The Customers? The Worst
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Working Retail Gives You Great Discounts, But That Doesn't Make Up For The Unbearable Customers

I did not spend a half hour organizing clothes by size and color just for your crazy kid to rearrange them again.

Woman sifting through racks of clothes

Working in retail has its perks, for sure. You get great discounts on the items you need (and don't really need). It also brings you crazy customers who can make your day very inconvenient.

1. When someone comes in right before you close

Every retail worker's favorite part of the day is closing time. We get to go home after a long day. We work for hours and have things to do when we go home. As much as we want to help customers, we do not want to help those who walk in when our job should be done, or we might help a customer too much so we can rush them out of the store. Before you shop, PLEASE read our business hours.

2. Hearing a customer's life story

Customers LOVE to tell us their entire life story, and sometimes it doesn't really matter that you have to pick up your daughter from soccer and then get bread and milk and the grocery store, then you will be right over.

3. A customer looks to buy your products elsewhere

If you are only coming to the store to try on items and then buy them online or find them where they are cheaper, please just don't come into the store. It's almost a waste of a trip. Next time, do your research and save us the worries of sizing your abnormally large foot.

4. When the customer thinks they know more than you

One of my pet peeves is when a customer takes over for you. I'm sorry did you train at this store and suddenly know more than me? If you at least think you know what you are doing, don't expect me to give you help. I will stand and wait.

5. "I want to speak to the manager"

My favorite thing to watch is when someone needs to speak to the manager, and the manager tells the customer exactly what I tell them before. When you hear it from the manager, suddenly everything is okay. Listen, Debby, the manager isn't going to tell you anything different and you're not getting a discount. I want to know what makes the same words magically different.

6. When a customer destroys a rack

I spend a good amount of time rearranging our displays in order to make your shopping experience more convenient. I did not spend a half hour organizing clothes by size and color just for your crazy kid to rearrange them again.

7. When a customer Is shocked about their total

Listen, do not expect your total to be cheap when you were the one who just tried to buy half the store. I don't make the prices either so do not complain to me.

Next time you shop, think about the employees who try to make your shopping experience convenient. We'll listen to your life stories, but we won't accept mistreatment and inconsideration.

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