Living In A Backwards World
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Living In A Backwards World

Walking backwards is already tough!

Living In A Backwards World

Imagine if the world took a turn. Not for the worse or for the better but instead, everything became backward. What I mean by backward, is simply everything we do that is normal to us is backward. Whenever someone gives a speech we applaud them using our hands afterward. What if everyone one day after someone gives a presentation in work, school, etc that we clapped with our feet instead of our hands. Picture someone walking into the room to see everyone struggling to get their legs up high enough to be able to clap with their feet. The struggles one may encounter to simply applaud for a few seconds could be a pretty funny site.

Instead of you sitting in your chair eating a meal or doing your homework at your desk. What could it look like if the chair was sitting on you instead? How would you position yourself, more importantly, how would you feel if you an object that you were supposed to be sitting on instead sits on you? I would very uncomfortable that is for sure.

Panting your bedroom walls but backward. What I mean by this is if you have holes that need to be patched up, wires that need to be rewired you typically take care of all those first correct? Correct. Well, what if you painted your walls first? The added time that would go into the work would be pretty extensive. I can just picture painting everything in the nice sky blue color, but figuring out how to paint around all the holes and wires. I am pretty sure that is unsafe anyways. So I would not recommend doing it. You finish painting the room then you go over the holes with spackle, and then rewire the things that need to be rewired, then you go back over it all once everything is dry and paint again only then can you tell that the paint coats are not even so you have to go over the entire room again thus you have to spend more money on paint and more time just to paint a few walls. Crazy.

Now when it comes to shaving. This goes for everyone who shaves. If you use shaving cream this will apply to you. Say, ladies, you need to shave your legs in order to wear that nice dress for a date. Instead of you putting the shaving cream on your legs first you shave your legs then put the shaving cream on after you are done. You feel doing it that way it acts as a lotion that foams up and it is clearly noticeable. That is okay. Now, men, I did not forget about you. When it comes time to shaving the beard because your significant other hates it, you do the same thing. Shave your beard with no shaving cream, risk getting cuts all over your face (yes, we all get them) then applying the shaving cream once you finish. You are looking pretty good for that date that is for sure.

Cooking. Who loves some good food? I know I do! Now usually, when you cook you put the food on something like a plate or a pan that goes in the microwave or on the stove etc. But instead, one way we learned to cook was by putting your egg on top of the flame on the stove then the pan on the egg. Maybe that would be one way to get a hard-boiled egg. Not recommended. Another way we learned it would be if needing to use the microwave put your microwaveable bacon in the microwave, then the towel over the bacon, and then the plate on top of the towel. Simple as that. It should still cook right? Not too sure.

This would be pretty funny to see as well. Instead of tying your shoes once you put them on they are already tied and you have to untie them. That is the normal way to wear your shoes. Walking around in a busy place you would be able to see people tripping over their own two feet really can't blame anyone else. You could also be that one person who tries to step on as many as you can of others shoe laces. Admit it, we have all done it weather just the other day or back in elementary school. We have all gotten a good laugh out of watching people stumble.

These are only just a few crazy things we could if our world was backward. If you have any other ideas leave a comment and let me know. It would be interesting to see what others come up with.

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