My 'Backup School' As A Transfer Became The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

My 'Backup School' As A Transfer Became The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

I knew getting into the top journalism school in the country was supposed to be exciting, but I just wasn't as excited as I should have been.

After my first year of college, I decided to transfer. I decided I wanted more for myself than what I was currently getting, and while I knew it was going to be a big choice, it was also what I had to do.

I knew I would miss my friends, but I also promised myself to never become complacent in my education. I had to uphold that promise to myself and go elsewhere when I felt that happening in my field of study.

I applied to six universities as a transfer student, and Temple, well, Temple was the last one on my list. I hated city life, it was way bigger than I wanted and honestly, I just wasn't sure it was the school for me.

I was accepted at my top choice university as a transfer, and I was all set to commit until I heard the dreaded words, "We don't give academic scholarships to transfers."

I felt crushed. I couldn't really afford $60,000 a year in schooling. I would be passing my debt on to my kids when I die at that rate.

That's when it started to look like I would end up at Temple.

The last school on my list.

My backup school.

I knew getting into the top journalism school in the country was supposed to be exciting, but I just wasn't as excited as I should have been.

Nonetheless, as the cheapest school with the best program, I committed--feeling excited about the education I would get but nervous about the school environment itself.

Two years later as I get ready to graduate, I realize that going to Temple was the best decision I could have made for myself.

My backup school quickly went from feeling like just that... the school I really wasn't sure if I wanted to be at... to the school I knew I wanted to be at and should be at.

From the friends I've made to the clubs I have joined to the professors I have had, Temple has given me two of the best years of my life.

Are there days that I sometimes wonder what my life would be like had I attended the $60,000 school? Sure! I think we're always bound to wonder about the unknown, it's sort of human nature.

But when asked if I regret my decision to come to Temple, I can say the most resounding "no" of all time.

So as I get ready to graduate and enter the "real world" here's a little shoutout to my backup school, I guess you were alright.

Cover Image Credit: Zuri Hoffman

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Cover Image Credit: Hannah Gabaldon

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I Still Don't Miss My Hometown Because It Just Never felt Like Home

My college town quickly became home to me.


Growing up in the same small town for your whole life, you see that there are three different types of people. The ones who want to stay in the town until the day they die, the ones who leave only to miss it and to come back, and the last group, the smallest group, the ones who leave the town and still don't want to go back. I am part of the smallest group.

I honestly barely even wanted to come back for summer break. I have never really fit in in my 'home'town and it never really even felt like home. While most people in town were interested in FFA or similar clubs, I was a yearbook nerd and became obsessed with the media. It wasn't that the people in my hometown and I didn't get along, we just had different dreams, passions, and ideas. Even with other students, we just found different things fun and entertaining.

I had known for a long time that I wanted to move away from the town I had spent my whole life in after high school and to start a new adventure. People tried to discourage me, even some who also wanted to get away from it as well, saying it was a black hole that we are all cursed to come back to the town. I remember being a freshman making the promise to myself that I was going to be different no matter what anyone said about me moving away.

My college town quickly became home to me. I had spent most of my life feeling out of my place like I wasn't where I belonged at all. When I moved so far away for college, I quickly understood why. The friends that I have met at college have become the some of the closest friends that I have ever had. They have also been some of my biggest fans, support systems, as well as striving for me to do my best. To have such great support from people who have only known me for about a year has shown me that sometimes you have to look for the right people who are going to be there for you.

You aren't always meant to stay where you're first put. Sometimes the first places are just to show you something that you need to know. For me, that was seeing my small town community come together whenever anyone needed it. Seeing my home church be there for each other in the hard times where bigger cities may not get that. It taught me how to put others first and see when my help is needed and to help out gratefully.

Even though I don't miss my hometown, and it never felt like home, it taught me valuable lessons that I wouldn't have received growing in a big city. And just because I didn't blend with the people there, it doesn't mean that the people there aren't amazing because they are. It just isn't where I belong.

Cover Image Credit:

Faith Burling

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