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To My Beloved Backcountry, Now We're Gone For Summer

The separation anxiety is so real.


My Dearest Backcountry,

Ever since school let out and summer began, your hallowed halls have been emptied in preference for another Thursday night gathering spot. But I have not forgotten you.

I miss your extremely obnoxious long line that we would patiently wait in so that we may enter. I miss all of the booing when some sleaze tries to jump the line, only for them to be escorted to the back of the line by security to the satisfaction of the other eager club-goers. I remember the eagerness we get when we reach the front of the line to present our last $3 in our bank accounts for a stamp of entry in return. All for you, my love.

I can still taste your $6 watered down vodka cranberries as I plow through the crowded space in order to find my friends twerking on the dance floor. The spilled beer and debris from wedges, Sperrys, and sandals make for a sticky glaze on the floor but we don't mind. We're just happily drinking and (attempting) to dance.

I've never known more of a struggle than to leave you for the summer. I miss fighting for the attention of a bartender, the boujee feel of the pool tables in the back and especially the hype when "Mr. Brightside" blares from the DJ stand. I have not yet forgotten that darn bull in the corner, ready to put up another more-than-slightly-intoxicated rider and the cheers as another person falls off and onto the ballooned cushioning.

But perhaps, the thing that I miss the most is being able to go out and have fun with my friends on a Thursday. While we still go out on Thursdays during the summer, it's not the same. Backcountry brought everyone (over the legal age of drinking, that is) together. During the summer, friends are all over the place and not necessarily in Harrisonburg. Being at Backcountry means that we're all together again and that's what I miss the most; my friends.

I miss talking in group chats with everyone about who's going and at what time. I miss the camaraderie we all feel when we all drag ourselves to class the next morning, cursing ourselves for going too hard. Surprisingly, I miss figuring out how to get home and playing find your Uber at the end of the night.

My dearest Backcountry, I look forward to the day we all come crawling back to JMU and the first Thursday rolls around and we're back in your line, ready for another year of tall boys, crowds of sweaty college kids trying to navigate the bar, dance floor, and pool tables. I can't wait to try to scrub your stamp off the next day to hide the real reason why I'm exhausted from my professors. Until that day comes, I will reminisce what I can remember from those Thursday nights.

All my love.

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Backcountry Restaurant & Lounge

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Here are some unique party ideas, so you don't have to throw another Toga party.

College is full of sweaty house parties that can be made bearable by one thing and one thing only - a theme. Getting to dress up in a fun costume for a themed party can make almost any person tolerate being shoulder to shoulder with some drunk guy from your psychology lecture. But, themes can grow tiring when you've gone to about a million Hawaiian and toga parties. There are other themes out there! Here are a few suggestions to make your theme party stand out.

1. Aliens and Astronauts

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2. Ornithology Bros and Lawn Flamingos Darty

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3. Seven Deadly Sins

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4. John Hughes

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5. Boston Tea Party

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6. Sexy Historical / Political Figures

Have you ever really wanted to be a dead president, but at the same time give off a little sex appeal? Then this is the party for you!

7. Athletes and Mathletes

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8. Slumber Party

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9. Where's Waldo

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11. Cowboys and Cacti

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12. Bad and Boujee

Break out your fur coats, brand names and stacks of cash to get ready to make it rain

13. Scientist Chicks and Pickle Rick's

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14. Decades

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15. Holidays

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18. You Are What You Drink

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And that's all, folks! I hope this list gives you some party inspiration!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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8 Things To Do With Your Girl Friends When You DON'T Want To Drink On A Friday Night

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While college may seem like the wildest time of everyone's life, not everyone drinks and not everyone wants to go out every weekend. With this in mind, there are so many other things to do with friends, even by yourself, that doesn't involve you sitting in your room at night.

1. Have a sleepover

Text your best friends, get plenty of snacks, and don't forget your robe or fuzzy socks! Order pizza and binge-watch your favorite TV show. Who doesn't love a good girl's night in?

2. Go to the movies

TBH, I'm the one percent of the population who still hasn't seen Endgame.

3. Go bowling/ice skating/escape room/something kinda active

With a group of friends, it can be a pretty cheap and fun Friday night.

4. Board game night

Board game marathons are the best. I'm pretty sure my friends only have Cards Against Humanity, but board games are definitely worth the investment.

5. Try that one place you've always wanted to go!

I cannot tell you the number of times I've said 'I want to go there' and still haven't been to said place. When you don't want to go out on a Friday night, hit up that one spot you've been DYING to go.

6. Have a dessert party with friends

Have your friends bring a dessert, or go out to a restaurant and split them! It's a great way to chat, catch up, and enjoy some sugar!

7. Make a fort

I haven't made a fort as a kid, but you can bet I'm gonna drag my roommates out of their rooms and do this next time I'm bored.

8. Cook or bake something new

Try out that new recipe (or a few) that you've just pinned on Pinterest.

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