Back to school essentials

A few of the things I like to keep on me at all times, just in case.

1. Airpods

To jam to the latest hits and block out the freshman on campus.

2. Snacks

From bars to carrots to nuts, you're going to need it all to help you focus and pull through your busy day!

3. A water bottle

Keep your hydro flask handy this semester and stay hydrated- after all, the more you drink, the more you have to pee, and the less you have to interact with your classmates.

4. Highlighters

Both Anastasia and Sharpies are acceptable.

5. A book or magazine

You're going to want something to read that isn't your German textbook when you're waiting for your next class, so pick up the latest copy of People or the latest Brene Brown book ASAP!

6. Chargers

For your laptop, your phone, and every other rechargeable device you carry

7. Tampons 

And other necessary period products. If you're irregular or your period gets triggered by stress like me, you're going to want to keep your products near you at all costs.

8. Extra makeup

For fixing your face when you realize how hard your semester is going to b.

9. A shooter of vodka (or twelve)

For when that lecture gets a little too rough.

10. Ibuprofen

For when that vodka shooter hits your old a$$ a little too hard.

11. A planner

To keep up with your exams and nights out.

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