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This Is Your Reminder To Get These 4 Back-To-School Dorm Essentials You Might Not Think To Buy

Let's go shopping!


Who doesn't love back to school shopping? Brand new pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders are just a few of the things you will need for your college dorm. BUT, I have found a few non-school items that will make that dorm living situation a little bit better. I swear you'll thank me later for these suggestions.

1. Brita Water Filter

During my first semester, I did not have a water filter and was constantly going through plastic water bottles to stay hydrated. Over Christmas break, I finally received a Brita Water Filter! It really helped me stay on top of my water drinking and save the planet from all of those excess water bottles.

2. Broom or small vacuum

Whichever cleaning supplies you prefer, I recommend having a broom or a vacuum on hand for your dorm. Your dorm is a small space and you want to keep it tidy. Having one of these items will help you allow you to do some quick cleaning when you are about to have a study date. Also, it is a great idea to clean your room when you are in need of procrastinating!

3. Whiteboard calendar

I use one of these to hold all of my tests, assignments, due dates, important reminders, and so much more. It's easy to mark up, erase, and make a change in two seconds with a whiteboard calendar.

4. Command hooks

How could I ever forget the holy grail item of college dorm rooms?

Need to hang some lights? Command hooks.

Need somewhere to hang your keys? Command hooks.

Need somewhere to hang your jewelry at night? Command hooks.

I think you get the idea of how necessary Command hooks are in the college dorm life.

These four must-have items will make your dorm life so much better! Don't forget to add them to your very own shopping list. But, what is YOUR top college dorm essentials?

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