Back To School: Middle School Edition
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Student Life

Back To School: Middle School Edition

A simpler time with a much simpler shopping list.

Back To School: Middle School Edition

Moving back into your dorm room is no joke. You probably spent the last precious days of your summer break shoving every article of clothing you own into a suitcase, running errands, and price comparing textbooks on Chegg and Amazon. All of the craziness that comes with back-to-school season has made me long for my middle school days. Come and take a walk down memory lane, and pretend that you are getting ready for your first day of middle school. Here’s what you definitely would have needed:

The Outfit

1. Denim skirt

Oh! The nostalgia!

Note that this was only appropriate for school IF and ONLY IF it passed the fingertip rule.

Bonus if you got yours at Limited Too or Justice, because that meant your skirt was actually a SKORT with shorts conveniently hidden underneath. Maybe I should work on bringing these back into fashion in my size.

2. Logo T-shirt

Whether it came from Hollister, Aero, or Abercrombie, it seemed like everyone in middle school had a closet full of these. These saved you from those awkward “Hey, I really like your shirt, where did you get it” conversations that I always seemed to get myself into during uncomfortable silences.

3. Hollister or Abercrombie Tote Bag

Because a backpack that was designed specifically for holding your school books just wouldn’t do, you probably had to convince your mom that NO, it was not actually meant for the beach, and NO, you definitely would not develop back problems from lugging everything on one side.

4. Tiffany and Co. Choker

Maybe it’s because we grew up watching Elle Woods rock one of these in Legally Blonde, but whatever the reason, I vividly remember seeing these necklaces on many girls as they chatted by their lockers. And what better day to show off your best jewelry than the first day?

5. Coach Sneakers

Probably not the best choice for gym class, but they kept you looking stylish while not killing your feet.

The Lunch

1. Brown Paper Bags

For some reason, an unwritten rule stated that once you started middle school, lunchboxes were officially out and the less environmentally-friendly brown paper bags were in. Even though you pretended not to mind that they tore so easily, you secretly missed your insulated purple lunch box that kept your drink at the perfect temperature.

2. Junk Food

Being in middle school meant you were more mature and ready for more responsibilities. Thus, your mom probably decided that you could handle packing your own lunch. While you might not have liked this idea at first, this was actually great, because you had the freedom to pick your own snacks! You could say “Sure, mom. I have tons of healthy snacks in here!”, and she was none the wiser! I personally loved those tiny Pringles containers.*

*Note: Middle school was a time for learning life lessons. I bet many of you realized after a few weeks of self-made lunches that lots of junk during pre-teen years means acne. By the end of September, those granola bars and carrot sticks your mom insisted on buying each week seemed a whole lot more appetizing.

The Locker

1. Mirror

This was necessary to fix any smudges from the makeup that you were now allowed to wear. I know I wasn’t the only one who matched their eyeshadow color to their outfit.

2. Pictures of Friends

Even though they were probably standing right next to you while you searched for your Pre-Algebra Textbook, you NEEDED to hang up tons of photos to cover the plain, metal walls. Their cheery faces could instantly make you feel better, even if you just saw your secret crush talking to someone you couldn’t stand.

3. Locker Shelf

This was a back to school necessity. After all, you thought it was a responsible purchase. It maximized your limited space, kept your homework assignments neat and tiny, AND you could find one in your favorite color.

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