Bachelors Of Appalachian State
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Bachelors Of Appalachian State

Women of Boone, Look No Further.

Bachelors Of Appalachian State

Valentine's Day is less than a week away and I know there's nothing single women hate more than the day to celebrate love. Several of us have already preordered our tickets to Rebel Wilson's new film, How To Be Single, but before you sneak that bottle of cab into the theater you may want to check out the following list of eligible bachelors. All of them are real men right here in Boone.

Representing each fraternity is their most desirable and qualified bachelor so read on ladies and take your pick...

Alpha Sigma Phi

Name: Riley Silknitter

Silknitter is a freshman studying sustainable technology. What he likes to do in his free time depends on how he's feeling - some days you may find him swimming, working out, or hiking while other days he'll be inside listening to music, binge watching TV shows, or reading. Silknitter hasn't been at App for long, but he has already served as the Alumni Director and Philanthropy Chair for his fraternity. In five years he sees himself traveling around the world, or at the very least around the country. He looks for two main things in that special someone: loyalty and passion. He said, "All I could ask for is someone to be by my side through my best and my worst, never giving up on me, and giving everything they can for me to make me feel we're the only two people on Earth." He said he likes both blondes and brunettes, but if he had to pick he'd go with brunettes, sorry blondes! He claims his strongest attribute is his ability to listen and support someone through their weakest moments. If you're lucky enough to spend this Valentine's Day with Riley Silknitter you'll find yourself driving along/hiking the Blue Ridge mountains on a beautiful Boone day. This would be followed by dinner at the lucky lady's favorite place in town, watching bad movies for a good laugh, or copious amounts of Xbox.

Alpha Tau Omega

Name: Rice Neese

Neese is a sophomore Philosophy Major who enjoys spending time with friends, reading, and playing soccer. He is a two-term senator in the Student Government Association, has served as the president of his residence hall and currently serves as the secretary of his fraternity. The most important thing he'd like to see in that special someone is good social skills. He says there's nothing worse than crushing on someone who can't hold a conversation. When asked blondes or brunettes Neese graciously replied, "Let's be real. Can you really choose between the two?" Neese claims his strongest attribute is his ability to be blunt. He prefers to be upfront with people to avoid confusion of deceit. So ladies, what would a Valentine's Day date look like with Rice Neese? He'd pick you up like a gentleman and take you to enjoy the best burger in Boone - the Greek burger at none other than Parthenon Cafe. He admits it's a little out of the ordinary, but it truly is the tastiest. He would then take you to the bowling alley because he believes if you can have fun bowling with someone, you can have fun doing anything.

Delta Chi

Name: Griffin Gray

Gray was recently accepted into the Athletic Training program and during his time at App, has been a team leader for ROTC, and currently serves as the secretary of Delta Chi Fraternity. In his free time, he likes to workout, watch South Park, find new good music on YouTube (anything but country) and hang out with friends. In five years Gray hopes to be in graduate school for physical therapy, but if that doesn't work out he could see himself serving as a second lieutenant in the army. When asked what he wants in that special someone he responded, "she has to be honest, have a good smile, and a sense of humor. If she's sarcastic that's awesome because I love sarcasm." Gray says she has to be able to hold a conversation, be down to earth, and true to herself. As far as hair color, Gray has been team blonde since day one, although he emphasized there is nothing wrong with brunettes. If you're lucky enough to go on a date with Gray he'd take you on a hike somewhere nice and cook you a delicious meal then follow up with a good movie. Gray says his strongest attribute is his positivity. He says, "I try to make the most out of the cards I have been dealt and always try and find a way to enjoy myself. I'm lucky to be here and have worked hard to be here, so to not make the most out of this time is a waste. Life is what you make it."

Delta Sigma Phi

Name: William Adams

This bachelor is a junior food systems management major who in his free time enjoys going to the gym, reading the Wall Street Journal, and fishing. He has been the Sargent of Arms for his fraternity two terms in a row and in five years sees himself either working in a business setting in Raleigh or Charlotte or serving in the US Army. When asked what he looks for in that special someone he replied, "She has to look good and be fit, can't be clingy - doesn't want to spend every minute of her life with me, has to be smart and have strong goals." Oh, and he's team blonde, usually. A perfect date with Adams includes dinner at a nice restaurant, dessert at Kilwin's, and watching Lone Survivor. This guy is a top contender ladies - when asked what his strongest attribute was he replied, "My quads."

Delta Tau Delta

Name: Joseph Ekberg

Ekberg is a senior finance and banking major who has served as the secretary for his fraternity and mentored for sales classes. He's also a ski instructor so you can find him on the mountain in his free time. In five years he hopes to be living out West, possibly to Colorado for the bigger mountains or to California. When asked what he wants from that special someone he replied, "someone whom will delicately remove my heart with her piercing eyes." He says he doesn't discriminate when it comes to hair color which is a huge plus and his strongest attribute is his overcompensating personality. So, what would this gentleman have planned for Valentine's Day? "Writing poetry atop a mountain of romance."

Kappa Alpha Order

Name: Ian Midler

Midler is a senior here at App State studying Finance and in his free time he enjoys to 'Netflix and chill.' He was the proud co-captain of his intramural soccer team and in five years he see's himself graduating college. When asked what he looks for in that special someone Midler responded, "I look for someone who is caring, intelligent, and a Donald Trump supporter." Sorry blondes, but Midler prefers brunettes - in fact, he claims the darker the hair the better. When asked what his strongest attribute was he replied, "Tough question, because I have so many. I guess I'll go with my humbleness." So where would you find yourself on V-Day with Midler? Parthenon Cafe of course.

Kappa Sigma

Name: Corey McPherron

McPherron is a sophomore political science major who enjoys lifting weights and writing about Hornet's basketball for @At_The_Hive. He can also be seen crushing the dance floor and bettering his community. This bachelor has served as the Social Chair and Alumni Chair for his fraternity and in five years sees himself playing professional basketball in the NBA. When it comes to girls, they've got to be blonde, smart, and funny. When asked what his strongest attribute was he replied, "My strongest attribute is definitely having the least amount of weak attributes." So what would a V-Day date look like with this gentleman? He said, "Nothing says romance like a nice grueling hike up Profile Trail while listening to Drake's mixtapes in chronological order." *Swooning*

Phi Gamma Delta

Name: Matt Cuddy

This bachelor is a sophomore sociology student with a double minor in leadership studies and entrepreneurship. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing golf, and listening to a good podcast. He has served as the Philanthropy Chair and Corresponding Secretary for his fraternity and is Head Lifeguard at the SRC. In five years he sees himself living in California trying to find a job with a sociology degree. If you want a chance with Cuddy you have to have a good sense of humor, a nice smile, and the ability to hold an intelligent conversation. He has no hair color preference and his strongest attribute is his keen sense of right and wrong. When asked what the perfect Valentine's Day date would be he said, "Klondike and Hungry Howies."

Phi Kappa Tau

Name: Stephen Hardee

This gentleman is a sophomore studying risk management and insurance. He was a member orientation officer for his fraternity and he currently leads bible study for his brothers. In his free time he enjoys going to the gym, watching Netflix, hanging out with his buddies, and drinking an appropriate amount of red wine. In five years Hardee sees himself settled into a job, not married, and hopefully coaching a rec league soccer team. As to what he wants in his special someone? He's looking for a smart lady who is independent, likes to exercise, listens to Dave Matthews Band, and doesn't have an annoying voice. His strongest attribute is he can play golf with your dad. Oh, and get this ladies: When asked to describe the perfect Valentine's Day date he replied, "I think Italian is the most appropriate kind of restaurant. Afterward, a healthy amount of red wine paired with a sentimental movie would be nice. I actually have reservations for Valentine's dinner at Casa Rustica. I don't have a date, but I do have a reservation. I guess you could say I'm optimistic." First come first serve ladies.

Phi Sigma Kappa

Name: Wesley Alexander

Alexander is a freshman majoring in exercise science. He is currently the Vice President of the Bowie Hall Council and in his free time enjoys watching sports and hanging out with his friends. This South Carolina native also enjoys volunteering at the Humane Society. In five years he hopes to be in the physical therapy program at Medical University of South Carolina. When it comes to girls he's looking for someone that is interested in sports and willing to put up with his terrible jokes. When asked blondes or brunettes he replied, "blondes, but I am open to change." His strongest attribute is his ability to cuddle, so you know who to call next snow storm. If this bachelor decides to take someone out Sunday he'll take her to Cookout for a milkshake before driving on the parkway to stop and stargaze.

Sigma Nu

Name: Bradley Wolfe

Wolfe is a sophomore studying journalism here at Appalachian. He has served as his pledge class president and currently serves as the Social Chairman of his fraternity. In his free time, he likes to fish and freestyle rap, occasionally at the same time. In five years he says he'll probably be working for minimum wage at Auto Bell Car Wash in Charlotte. Wolfe is Italian ladies, so his special someone needs to be brunette and know how to cook. Make sure you make kick ass spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, and ziti. If you're spending time with him this Sunday your day will include a picnic on the parkway followed by dinner at cookout and a movie at home. Depending on the girl, the featured film with be either Definitely Maybe or Straight Outta Compton. When asked what his strongest attribute was he responded, "My love for my friends and family. College has made me realize and appreciate the importance of my parents, my sister, and my friends. They come first no matter what." Yes, the woman in his picture is his adorable grandma who he says is one of the most important ladies in his life. Sounds like a winner to me.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Name: Pearson Bray Balatow

Balatow is a junior exercise science pre-professional student minoring in health promotion. He plays golf and goes to the bars with his friends whenever he has free time and serves as the Member Educator of his fraternity. In five years this handsome guy hopes to be in the final year of graduate school on his way to earn his Pharm-d. Balatow wants a confident, intelligent, independent, and laid back woman with no preference of hair color. His strongest attributes are his ability to be positive and direct. If Balatow asks you out expect a dinner at a nice restaurant with "ALOT of red wine."

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Name: Jordan Roberts

Meet Jordan, a senior political science major who in his free time likes to read the news and keep up with what is going on in the world. He also likes to fish and play basketball and has served as the Rush Chairman and New Member Coordinator for his fraternity. In five years he hopes to be working in a staff position or working for an advocacy group in Washington, D.C. Personality is the most important thing to Roberts when it comes to that special someone. He said, "she's got to be able to hang out with me and my friends and have fun in any situation. I like a girl who is down to just relax and not do anything sometimes; however, she's got to be spontaneous and down to try new things." When asked what his strongest attribute was he replied, "After having braces for about six painful years of my childhood, I would say my teeth are my strongest attribute." A perfect date with Roberts is identical to the scene in Happy Gilmore, so ice skating and listening to "Endless Love" in the dark is a must.

Theta Chi

Name: Hunter Baskin (green suit)

This bachelor is a sophomore double majoring in criminal justice and political science. He enjoys fly fishing and playing tennis, but most of the time can be seen "boolin" with his boys. Baskin has been a leader since day one, serving on multiple committees since his initiation, but he currently serves on Theta Chi's Executive Board as Vice President of Health and Safety. Five years from now he sees himself serving as an officer in the State Bureau of Investigation. His special someone has to have a good sense of humor and enjoy doing spontaneous things. Baskin loves to travel ladies so you can't be a homebody. When asked blondes or brunettes he responded, "I'm more of a brunettes kinda guy, but I have never been one to turn down a blonde just because of her hair color. I also like a dash of redhead every so often." Baskin's claim to fame is that he's always been one to extend a helping hand wherever it's needed. He's also known to make people laugh. So, where would Baskin take you out on Valentine's Day? Coyote Kitchen followed by Krispy Kreme (if the hot and ready sign is on) and then back to his place to watch a movie and chill. If you're really lucky he may let you play with his four-month-old beagle.

Alright, ladies now it's time to Facebook stalk, DM, and lock in your man. Happy Valentine's Day from yours truly.

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