What happened to Becca at the end of the previous season of "The Bachelor" is certainly heartbreaking. Seeing her relationship break down for us to view was definitely painful and going from feeling on top of the world to the lowest point is tragic. However, Becca's love life seemed to turn around when she was introduced as the next bachelorette — hopefully, to leave Arie's loser butt behind and find a man that she can start over with.

With two episodes down of this season, Arie has been a common theme throughout, with the first one-on-one date between Becca and Blake being hours of destruction of every significant item that had connected the two in his season. But is all of this mention of Arie doing more harm than good?

It's commendable that Becca was ready to look for love so soon after her relationship breakdown with Arie. The biggest concern is if Becca is actually ready to find a solid relationship and not just a revenge man on Arie. If Becca is truly ready to move on, mentions of Arie, whether it be a cardboard cut-out brought in by a contestant during introductions, or just repeated mentions of his name by both Becca and the men, need to cease sooner than later.

If Becca wants to move forward with a positive relationship and continues the latest trend of successful bachelorettes, she needs to focus on her current possible relationships and not dwell so much on what happened or what could've been with Arie. But just moving forward isn't what's always the best option for reality TV viewership. Producers will continue to mention the Arie issue as long as they think people will eat it up, even if it's not what is best for Becca's relationship prospects.

Time will tell if Becca can forge ahead with any of the remaining men, but chances are, ABC won't let Arie's name slip the minds of the contestants or Becca herself the rest of the season. Hopefully, there are no more dates focusing nearly exclusively on her past relationships (there's no way Blake didn't think that date was extremely awkward), but it wouldn't be at all surprising if dates or locations are recreated. Will Becca find a happily ever after this season, or is an appearance on "Bachelor in Paradise" more likely in her future?

Based on the previews for the rest of the season, Becca's men will definitely create a drama-filled season that will certainly keep the viewers on their toes. One moment even showed a distressed Becca comparing herself and her actions to that of Arie's. Ouch. Which continues the question, is Becca ready to find true love once again? Or will her relationship ultimately end as heartbreakingly as her first reality TV one and will the next bachelor be an obvious choice?