The Bachelorette Week 4 Recap
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"The Bachelorette" Week 4 Recap

"I got a rose, bitch."

"The Bachelorette" Week 4 Recap

Let me just preface this by saying that this group of guys is quite possibly the dumbest, most childish group of guys I have seen yet on "The Bachelorette." As of right now, we have a flat-earther, a supposed bigot, and a male model that likes walking around in gold underwear like Dr. Frank-N-Furter's favorite creation. Alright, with that being said, let's get into the episode!

Because last week ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger after Clay's tearful departure, this week gets right to the rose ceremony. David returns and immediately receives the rose Becca planned on giving Clay. Wills, Christon, John, Nick, Blake, Jean Blanc, Blake, Leo, Garrett, Jordan, Connor, and Jason all receive roses. Nick's rose means a lot to him because received it wearing a tracksuit. Yay. Following the rose ceremony, Becca announces they're heading to Park City, Utah and the men loudly cheer with fake excitement like they even know what Park City is.

The first date of the week, a one-on-one, goes to Garrett. The two have painfully obvious chemistry and Becca says Garrett reminds her of her dad. Cute, I guess? Long story short Garrett gets the date rose. During this boring exchange, Lincoln reveals to everyone at the mansion that he believes the Earth is flat because of "friction."

Thankfully, the next date card arrives and it looks like Jordan, Chris, Blake, Jean Blanc, Nick, John, Jason, Colton, Lincoln, David, Connor, Leo, and Christon are in luck. Becca and her lumberjack couple friends have arranged somewhat of a lumberjack obstacle course for the guys. John, who I'm pretty sure I've never heard speak, dominates the competition and receives the golden ax trophy.

At the cocktail party, Jordan does what he does best and prances around in his (gold) underwear, pissing everyone off in the process except Becca, who can't help but laugh. Colton, who's apparently had enough of childishness, scolds Jordan. I don't know why anyone is threatened by poor Jordan, first of all. He's basically harmless.

Quite possibly my favorite part of the episode is Jean Blanc essentially sending himself home. He sits down with Becca and gives her a custom perfume he made for her. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away. After someone else has their turn talking to her, Jean returns to Becca and basically tells her he's falling in love with her. She rightfully freaks out and explains to him that they're obviously not on the same page. As she's walking him out, he asks for the perfume back like the douche that he is and explains that he didn't actually mean what he said; he only said it because he thought that was what she wanted to hear. Becca is so pissed she abruptly ends the cocktail party.

The third date of the week goes to Wills, the only guy not on the group date. He and Becca embark on yet another winter snow sports date and ride snowmobiles in the mountains. Although quiet, Wills is sweet and seems so genuine. He knows she's stressed after the previous night and tries his best to take her mind off of it. Apparently, it works, because he gets the date rose.

Back at the house, Chris Harrison reports that Becca knows exactly what she wants to do and who she wants to send home. She skips the cocktail party and goes straight to the rose ceremony. Nick and Christon are both sent home and Jordan gets the final rose. And, boy, is he FUMING. He's never placed last in anything. It looks like the group is going to Las Vegas next week, so he should have plenty of time to redeem himself.

I don't think anyone really stood out this week. At least, in terms of their relationships with Becca. However, Lincoln and Jean Blanc take home awards for being the BFI's (biggest f*cking idiots). Let's hope next week the men get their sh*t together. For everyone's sake.

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